Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disney's Boardwalk

   Hello again June !! I can't believe there's soooo many good things happened for the past 2 weeks, to begin with, my boyfriend surprised me an early birthday present : LION KING ticket at Broadway, New York ! A little thing called love, he knows I am one of those girls who dream a lot about New York City. Broadway, those theaters, busy streets, creative people have always been my kind of dreamland and the first time I visited Broadway 3 months ago, I knew I wanted to come back there to celebrate my birthday and watching the broadway shows, from Lion King, Matilda, Newsies til Aladdin, dreaming maybe one day I can perform there. Nothing is impossible, he gives me all the space and time I ever needed to chase my dreams, including a ticket to watch Lion King to motivate me to always dream big, ohhh how exciting... I guess just another dream comes true ! Also last week I went to audition for Stage Central's upcoming production The House of Bernarda Alba - it was so good to actually dance and acting again after almost a year taking a break from my centerstage world. Now that I'm working for The Walt Disney company, being surrounded by positive, energetic, creative people with the work environment that offers lots of opportunities to explore, really inspired me to do more  and of course makes me can't wait to get back under the spotlight very soon. I was so happy to get a role and excited to rehearsal next Thursday with all the cast and crew, while counting down the days too til my birthday trip to New Jersey, New York and Washington DC. I hate how time flies really fast that in few more days I'm turning 25, don't get me wrong it's not about the age, believe me I feel sooo good turning 25 and doing cool stuffs - it's just I still feel like I haven't done much and in my head now I got some big goals from my travel blog, language and media courses, some more trip, etc... I love how life's just keep getting better and better everyday. 
   In the mean time, here's some photos taken from one of my favorite spots in Orlando, Disney's Boardwalk. I simply love the colors, building, easy and relax atmosphere, with lots of restaurants and bars that could be other options if you're just too lazy to go to Downtown Orlando, I-Drive or Downtown Disney. I come here a lot with my girls to eat pizza and sit for hours, gossiping, dreaming, giggling, err you know girls...

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