Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Postcards from Orlando

  Looking at these photos I took at my days off wandering around Disneyland Orlando from Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, til Typhoon Lagoon - I still have to pinch myself sometimes then for a second I realized this is not a dream. Celebrating 2 months working in the happiest place on earth, I got nothing to complain ( OK I lied, I miss real Asian food ) but really grateful for amazing flatmates, colleagues, guests, fireworks, clear blue skies. Disney and these people definitely bring more colors and magic into my life. 
   While one night on the way home from a party, I asked myself how did this happen ? Of course it wasn't hard to flash back, but one sweet email I received the same night from a reader seemed to make it much easier for me to remember how it all started. My reader congratulate me for living my new life and the story I wrote at  The Secret.tv really inspired him. Found it's pretty amazing how my little story and dreams I wrote on a piece of paper can be inspirations to some people, nothing else I want to do but to keep working hard and continue become inspirations for those dreamers.  Back to few months ago when things have completely fallen apart, told myself I deserved something bigger and better then I got this job in luxury industry which I thought at the beginning ummm maybe the new adventure there would let me explore things I've never tried before, just in few days I realized the work environment didn't let me learn a lot, I couldn't express myself, the only good thing was I worked with some amazing people that taught me to stay humble, appreciate little things and never settle for less. Slowly I got back on my feet again, being grateful and positive attitudes helped me a lot through the hard times, next thing I knew Disney contacted me and here I am...enjoying every minute in Orlando, let myself totally lost over and over again in different countries / pavilion in Epcot, dreaming about Paris, fell in love with blue details in Morocco pavilion,  in awe with every single details I could possibly find in Disney's Animal Kingdom that made feel like in Nepal and Africa, riding roller coaster  - screaming - and happy like a-7-year-old-kids, ohh did I mention about how sweet and tempting the caramel flavor in German pavilion ? Also, Disney's parade and behind the scene of movie productions at Disney's Hollywood studios never fails to blow my mind away, over flowing inspirations and curiosity made me can't help but dreaming to be a part of their dream team. Still, the girl can't get enough of clear blue skies and fireworks, the burst of colors just like the universe and I celebrating life and love.  Excited to welcome summer, auditions, and my upcoming birthday trip, hope you enjoy some postscards from Orlando...

Ps : More photos from Disney,  click For Safeena : Colors, Dreams, Happiness

My kind of cotton candy

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Chatham Square 
Sharing Indonesian culture ! Go Gyscha !

Marocco pavillion, Epcot
Fireworks never gets old

  And speaking about being thousand miles away from home, as much as I am really happy to be able sharing Indonesian culture, Balinese ethnic dance, Angklung, and Indonesia tourism with our guests here in Disneyland, I still wish I shouldn't have missed few important events happened back home last week. My best friend's wedding ! Dinda, Irham and I went to high school together, it's a privilege for me to see them have grown up from teenagers until they graduated from top university and working in big companies, still found it hard to believe they have met the love of their life and just got married last week. It seems only yesterday we wore that white and blue uniforms, they were being supportive when I was MC-ing for school events and theater, saw me as the next VJ MTV, had no doubt that I'll make all my dreams come true. Ooh where are the years going - really ? While both of them are currently enjoying their honeymoon, I wish them all the happiness in the world. Here's another year of our great friendships, we keep supporting each other, you all just another reasons for me to create more than I did yesterdays, to make you proud.

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