Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For Safeena : Colors. Dreams. Happiness

   Here's a post for a very special someone out there. My best friend, make up artist, manager... Safeena.
  How i wish right now I could be next to you, darling. I know I can't help much, but we all know you're a very strong girl, you've always been really brave from the beginning - things will be absolutely okay. While you're fighting your best, I thought I'd love to share some photos - to let you know that I'm living my dreams here...after all the hard work we've done together, thank you for always being supportive and believing in me.
  I could never forget the first time we met at my first day at work, I walked into the office like a model, smiling but deep inside I was scared, you know...first day never really easy, especially when you're working with a very tough and amazing leader like Joseph Perries. But you and Siti came to me, gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, a very warm welcome - and it was just the beginning of our great friendship.The day after, we all became really close like sisters ( even tho most of the times I bullied you under the desk ). I was always a very messy girl, you could never find my desk clean, ahhh even my clothes too - Those days when you and Ratih had to clean my keyboard, my bags, share lunch, donuts, one day we can just spending hours at work doing hair and nails, forget about our real job, went to Kota Kasablanka to buy nailpolish and bread, shooting all day -  I found it's amazing how you girls always saw me as someone with talents, you told me million times that I deserved a bigger and better place, on the centerstage- under the spotlight that's where I belong, working in entertainment industry just suit me better than oil and gas. You believed in me so much, helped me a lot shooting showreels for television, dropped me to some auditions, even though i failed a lot that year, you were one of those people who never have doubt that in the end I'll make it back to centerstage.
   And here I am now, it's been 2 months live in Orlando, I couldn't be more grateful to be surrounded by happy people, colors, dreams come true, inspirations, happiness, love - it gives me such a positive energy to create more and dream bigger, working my way back to the center stage - just so one day...one day you can do make up and my hair again, let people see it's someone amazing like you that makes her glowing and strong.  

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