Friday, March 21, 2014

New York Express

Jakarta - Singapore - Narita - New York - Orlando... Long flight, I know.

FINALLY NEW YORK ! For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to visit New York in my life. I had this dream to move there since I was really young ( remember when MTV TRL was really big ? ) get a job in entertainment industry or media, work with inspiring and creative people, have an apartment close to Central Park, go to see Broadway shows at least once in a month, coffee or brunch on Saturday morning with good friends, still travel like crazy around the world but perhaps it's nice to be based in the Big Apple and call New York my new favorite home away from home. Born and raised in Jakarta, I grew up watching a lot of American movies, I remember coming home from my English classes with a brochure about summer school in New York and told my Mom I wanted to go there. 15 years later, here I am...

Somehow I knew I was on my way to New York City, I did not know how but I'd be there sooner than I thought. Few months ago I found life didn't go as I expected, I guess everyone been there done that when you feel stuck with your job, you wanted to quit but you need to find a new job first, obviously you can stay in the company for the sake of money so you can pay rent,etc, but on the other hand I needed changes. Big changes. I knew some people who left their comfort zones and made it BIG overseas, I read lots of articles about working abroad and how diversity and the whole experience just change the way people see life. I want to be just like them. While I seemed to have everything in Jakarta, I felt I just needed to go out and see the world, I simply couldn't wait to start over from zero by myself and see how far I can go. So for few months I was looking for a job, sent so many applications, did lots of interviews and casting but I still couldn't find a job I really like. I almost gave up and the same night I received an email  from The Walt Disney World. I was invited for Skype interview, I thought ok let's give it a try, who knows... then the rest is history. I got the job as International Culture Representative, that's funny I told myself I've been so fortunate to travel a lot and I wish there's a job out there who actually let me to promote Indonesian or Asian culture. Little did I know, the job exist and it was for me. 

After a month preparing all the paper work, packing, visa, etc, I resigned from my previous company, left home with a suitcase full of dreams through  24 hours flight to this unknown place I've never been before, to another big adventure where I had no idea at all what life would be, but somehow I knew this would be a great journey. I arrived in New York early morning just for a day, but even less than 24 hours to explore the city, somehow it's more than enough to show me any dreams can come true, as long as you have the courage to pursue it.
I took  the airtrain to Jamaica Station, then took E train to 42nd street to Times Square. The girl once again lost in urban jungle, between big yellow taxis, tourists, dreams, skyscrapers... For a second I thought wait...this is not real. The world is bigger than what you think and there's tons of possibilities out there. Broadway definitely blew my mind away. The streets, the theatres and those billboards of Lion King, Matilda, Les Miserables offer so many dreams. Then I met Alessio from Argentina, since it was our first time in New York and we absolutely love the city and the energy, we decided to stay awake the whole night, walking for hours just to find this Small Bar, such a great jazz bar with bunch of multitalented musicians that made my New York minutes even perfect. Came back to the airport at 7 am, I was more energized and ready to continue my flight to my new home The Walt Disney World, Orlando.

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