Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Postcards from Sydney

   I feel so blessed and loved this morning. While sitting in my favorite tea salon – having egg benedicts and tea at its finest, just trying to enjoy and make the most of my last few days working in this place, I couldn't avoid this mix feeling between happy, nervous, a little sad, excited, blessed, grateful and so much in love realizing in the last two months I've been through and learnt a lot.
   My favorite staffs came to my table and asked if the food was OK, I smiled and told them everything is excellent. As they left me enjoying my big breakfast, I whispered I'll be missing them so much when I'm gone. Never thought working  in a luxury industry, being a part of such a great and solid team here would teach me a lot – more than just the brands and luxurious things itself. I’m actually glad they were really open, welcome and treated me just like a family, they taught me how to love, respect, stay humble and be grateful. Each people brought different magic and inspiration, and to be honest I have never felt like this before, completely in love with them since my very first step walking into the company.
   And as much as I am really excited to pack my bags again, fly for more than 21 hours, move into a new place I've never been before, working in the biggest entertainment company with a new dream team, part of me is not ready to say goodbye to some people I really love : My team, my best friends, my family..but heyyy finally one of my biggest dreams came true, no matter how far I go, their endless love and support just the biggest reason I should do better, go further.
    Meanwhile, here's some postcards I took while I was walking to ABC Studio at Ultimo street for meeting and a little tour around the studio. The photos pretty much meant : Take pride in how far you've come and have faith in how far you can go.

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