Saturday, January 4, 2014

Padang Bai

Sunset at Padang Bai
Cows scared Nic and I. Stuck for almost 30 minutes just standing..
    Talking about the highlight of 2013...
    I couldn't think of what was the best thing happened to me last year except being really healthy for a year, didn't get any flu or even fever, I am totally grateful that my super-fit body helped me a lot making the most of the year. Have always surrounded by good people, I was lucky to have chances learning about business development, sales and marketing, travel writing, photography, get involved in big events, went to new places, met lots of interesting people, even did auditions. All these things I saw, experienced, including my failures, ups and downs too, sort of give me a conclusion that I can't help wanting bigger and better things in my life, I will never settle for less, at some point I realized to dream big means I have to go through a very long process, hard work, but I really don't mind with that ... knowing after keep trying and trying for the past 12 months, I will get what I want in less than 40 days. New place, new life, new people, new adventure waiting out there...
    ( Still ) talking about BALI - still as beautiful as ever, no matter there has been a lot of changes and development every year, and even though the island is crammed with tourists, this place just never seem to lose magic and will always have a magnet at its very heart. Have always wanted to visit Padang Bai since years ago, but I always ended up staying in the same place around Seminyak or Legian, so this time while Dom busy doing yoga with Radiantly Alive Ubud for only $15 ( 3 sessions per day, sweeet deal ), I decided to catch 08.30 am Perama Tour shuttle bus from Ubud to Padang Bai. Arrived in Padang Bai, the port where people normally take a ferry to Gili island looked busy as usual. If you're not in a rush, try to spend one night or two relaxing here. Nic and I stayed at Topi Inn, which around  10 minutes walk distance from Perama tour office in Padang Bai or you can take moto taxi for Rp 10.000.  Love the tropical atmosphere, restaurant, friendly staff and live music at night, plus it's only 5 minutes walk distance to Blue Lagoon beach and 20 minutes to Bias Tugel beach ( it's a bit far but really worth it ).

Blue Lagoon Padang Bai

Future super models :)

Bias Tugel beach

Bias Tugel beach

Topi Inn, Padang Bai

Topi Inn Padang Bai

Room at Topi Inn, Padang Bai Rp 130.000 per night 

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