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The Hidden Paradise, Amed

By Guest Writer Rike Rivanny

Guest Writer Rike Rivanny is definitely that kind of happy, fun, chatter-box and independent girl - anyone would love to hang out with. Live and work in Jakarta, she knows how to work hard, play hard ! Rike is a sport enthusiast, travel junkie, Australian football fans, she loves her margarita and tacos on Saturday night and actively participating in Jakarta's running races, for her it's all about living life to the fullest and being healthy and happy, comfortable in her own skin. Scroll down for her adventure in Bali, something that perhaps will give you useful information. 

Wow, its a privilege to share my experience in this blog, Thanks to my super cute friend Gyscha who owned this blog. Quite nervous, but hope this little sharing will give you benefit for your travel plan. 

Bali, everyone knows Bali. Been there so many times, just like any other tourists - it's so easy to fall in love with this paradise over and over again, I mean who doesn't love Bali anyway ? It has been one of my favorite places on earth, my hiding place and my sweet escape place.  I met the one I love there, my favorite pizza restaurant is there,  oh even few years ago I remember I came to Bali with this suitcase full of dreams and hope, trying my luck to find some opportunities, unfortunately things didn't really  work out so in the end I had to fly back to Jakarta. But whenever I come to Bali, I always seem to stay around Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Ubud, really had no idea what is AMED like, in my opinion its just a quite place out of nowhere in Bali...untill i got a birthday party invitation from a good friend, and that was the first time we explored East Bali, which is i would say this is the hidden paradise !! 

Arrived in airport, it took around 2 hours to bring us to Amed, lovely scenery during the trip to Amed, green paddy rice, nice weather. We hired a car ( Avanza ) + driver that cost 400,000 ( after tried to negotiate, the driver insist that Amed is so far and the price is already the best they can offer, note : including the fuel and tip for driver). 
After almost around 2,5 hours sitting in car yes, finally we arrive in amed, such a lovely place but little bit quite. Drop at Coral view, to wish  meet the birthday boy, then we checked in at our Villa ( named Only You ). 
Its a Big WOW for the villa,  very nice with Balinese style and wood decorator, with direct  ocean view.  a private pool and private whirlpool spa ready to spoil us. and it  just took l few step to go snorkeling at the back. ( rent snorkeling equipment cost : 30,000 ) 

How did we fill our days days in Amed ?  Starting with morning yoga on the beach for 1 hour, enough to make us warm but feel fresh, tell you what, please do not forget to bring your own yoga matts, or just like me, end by bitten by  few red ants ( guess that i might be too sweet  *lol ). 
Breakfast was fine with toast, orange juice and some Indonesian sweet cake, then we are ready for biking.  we chose biking instead of trekking. I was quite proud that i would be able to do this, since i took a lot RPM class in Gym. The driver / guide pick up us, and took us around 45 min  to somewhere in the middle of jungle called nangka village, as our start point for biking. He told us to use safety helmet and setting the bike comfortable. Oh yes I was so ready , until i found the slippery  rocky road is going down.. oh my god... that was scary me a lot. Forgot about how to ride bike or rpm class, I'm hop off from my bike and walk to avoid this down road ( so embracing lol ) till i found the road is ok. Then continue with 25k biking, go up and down across to the  jungle, road, village, and hill. View was magnificent, we are sharp in the mid to see holy mount Agung mountain. 
Just and advise, its better to start the biking early, we're little bit late, and the weather so hot burn our skin. and don't forget to keep drinking and make sure your bottle is full. 

After 25k biking, we deserve the prize,  this trip end at the beautiful white sandy beach ! ( told you, none of kind this beach in Kuta or legian )  very beautiful ! , no wild properties, no fancy  hotel or hostel around, no people bothering us selling stuff.  This beach only have around 3 local resto, that provide quite a nice lunch (  just local menu : fried chicken, nasi goreng, mie goreng or sandwich ) with of course beer and  some cokes. time for swim and play with white sandy !! it was amazing experience ! 

Went 4km to Southeast amed, we found the snorkeling spot to see Japanese shipwreck. The shipwreck sits at 6-10mtrs between the reef and the sandy bottom, which is its pretty easy to see. Clearly also you may see the beautiful sponges and black coral bushes, and fish life there also are good. That's a good snorkeling site. (unfortunately we forgot to bring camera under water, so we not able to show you the pics of shipwreck ) 

Last but not least of course i would like to share about Food. I'm not a really fan of Balinese food not as much as i like Japanese or Indonesian food. But here's in Amed... i found an extraordinary Balinese food. You may find lot of international restaurant that provide western food, owned by foreigner, but me and my boy friend decided to choose the local food. Thank God we found this little place called Warung Wayan around 100 meter across from Coral View villas. The Fish soup  was DELICIOUS also the coconut chicken. All Fresh cooked.  It cost 20,000 for a big bowl delicious fish soup and 40,000 for 5 piece coconut chicken with rice and mix vegetable Balinese. I guess that's was worthy,  At my Friend's party he provided suckling pig, i know  this is not allowed for Moslem, quite common as one of Balinese authentic food. I have no idea how to make a suckling pig, till i saw it right in front of my eyes, how's a Balinese man cooked this food, it took hours ( oohh poor piggy ) !! 

Meet me and my beloved one !
Snorkeling spot at the back of Only You villa

Chicken with coconut

Next time, if we have more time to spend holiday in Bali, for sure we will drop couple days in amed , plan for riding around the coastline and exploring more in diving and snorkeling already in our list. 

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  1. Sounds and looks fantastic. The 2 hour taxi ride does not appeal though. Nice article, Rike.