Saturday, December 21, 2013

Coffee Studio Seniman

Here's another recommendation for coffee lovers out there planning to visit Ubud, Bali. Found this Seniman Coffee Studio when I passed by Jalan Sriwedari, decided to grab a cup of cappuccino, loved it for its homey atmosphere and excellent coffee !

   It's the traditional and spiritual atmosphere, very peaceful with an amazing nature, scenic rice fields, big art & craft communities, yoga retreats, lots of good restaurants and coffee shops too that makes Ubud such a special place to relax and healing. The only place to be when you're looking for inspiration, comfort, culture, even though the tourism is growing faster, Ubud seems to never lose its own magic.
  My friend and I decided to spend few days in Ubud after our amazing island getaways in Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan. Dom wanted to do yoga with Radiantly Alive Yoga three times a day, while I really enjoy my routines getting up early, order my breakfast while catching up on emails and news, then walk around the neighborhood - visiting some local shops and fall in love with every pieces of paintings, wood carving, antiques, silver and gold, furniture, jewelry, even dresses and old book stores.
   We met this Scottish guy, Laurence, during dinner at Dewa Warung at Jalan Gootama. Smiley, very friendly, Laurence told us a little story why he ended up himself traveling to Ubud. His wife passed away around 6 months ago, and of course after 37 years of marriage, losing his beautiful wife - the love of his life, wasn't easy for him. So he decided to find himself again, to be happy, to fall in love with life over and over again by traveling from Australia, Indonesia to Singapore, and look forward to reunited with his kids again, celebrating Christmas and New Year in Scotland. In the end of the day, Dom and I agreed the best thing about traveling is always...meeting interesting people. We love how we actually grow a lot from our little adventures, people and places are really inspiring, somehow they help us finding ourselves in  a very unexpected ways. 

Coffee Studio Seniman

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