Saturday, December 28, 2013

Black and White

By Gabion 

By Sentha Munthe

By Bernard Genauzeau

By Safeena for Gyscha Revrita Rendy

Playing as a bride for Love is in the air Show - 2009

I love black and white pictures.
For me, they're  romantic, mysterious, sexy, very classic.
While browsing through old ( and new ) photos this afternoon, I found some of my favorites taken by my dearest friends. Gotta love how every photos reminded me of our good memories doing Love is in the air show in Malaysia, Runaway Bride photoshoot, Singapore with Edouard, oh even playing dress up and make up with my make-up artist Safeena at work.  Glad that  I've been through lots of changes and metamorphosis from short to long hair, tomboy to a girly girl, was once a tourist guide - entertainer - writer then marketing and public relation  for different companies,  I found that growing up is a privilege. To experience different things, to fail, to learn, to fall in love, to travel, to forgive, to let go, appreciate and accept things, be the most enthusiastic positive person I know...It's just amazing how far you are willing to go when someone believes in you.

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