Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bali Cliff / Green Bowl Beach

Pssstt...secret beach, Green Bowl Beach

Sunset Bali Cliff
Sunset at Bali Cliff

Chasing the sunset

      It's that time of the year again where I feel like I need to sit down for a while, do a lil bit of flashback, trying to remember again what I've done from the beginning of the year til now. Isn't it scary how time goes by so fast ? This time last year I was in China with my guys, it seems like yesterday I spent the whole day with them at the Summer Palace and glad that I actually put some of our photos on the blog so whenever I miss them - I can always look back and remind myself again, never-ever wear high heel boots when you have to walk up those stairs at Great Wall.
      Travelagys has been a really good reminder of all those upside down surprises for me, and hopefully you guys also find some of the travel information here useful too. Back in Jakarta, I was so happy when the editor from one of the travel magazines in Jakarta published my articles, then I went to Thailand and Australia to celebrate my birthday, worked at a government's event, had these amazing colleagues that I really grateful and feel lucky to work with for a year. Had to make few big decisions, learn a lot about letting go, even gone through some difficult times but in the end, I am blessed and couldn't be more thankful for having all of my special people who made me as I am today.  
       In the mean time, I found myself a perfect place to sit and just stare at the clear blue sky and quiet beach in Bali Cliff, or also what they call Green Bowl Beach, just next to Pandawa beach at Uluwatu. While there's been a lot of changes in Bali, so sad to find Dreamland is no longer beautiful - dirty, crammed with tourist. My favorite sound engineer guy recommended me to check out this beautiful place, absolutely quiet, less tourists or people trying to sell you stuff, in fact it was only me and my other 2 friends hanging out the whole afternoon at Green Bowl Beach. Found this beach after riding around and got lost a bit, you can ride to Uluwatu, ask people where you can find Pandawa beach or Bali Cliff. There's a small temple just next to Bali Cliff hotel entrance, turn left, you'll find a jungle and the stairs to the beach ( lots of monkeys too ) , as no one there sell drinks or food on the beach, you better bring yourself some cold beers or chips. Super happy to chill with Dom and Doddy, plus I got all the time and space I ever needed to clear my mind, sunbaking, see the sunset, figure out what's next for me and counting my blessings....

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