Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Carcoar might be just a small town located in the middle of green valley in the Central West region of New South Wales Australia, it was completely empty and quiet when we arrived there - yes there were few cars parked in the main street, but I could see it was just the three of us hanging out a bit with chocolate ice cream. The town somehow reminded me of the dead cities back in horror or zombie movies, to be honest I haven't heard anything about Carcoar til my friends had an idea of taking me on a road trip around New South Wales. They knew I would find this place interesting, from the history, old buildings, church, post office, bookstore, shop, bar along Carcoar's main street, vintage ceramic, pretty dolls starring at me from display windows and our conversation with an old lady who has been working in the post office for more than 20 years - all were just very interesting and definitely something different to experience for me, speaking about being a tourist...

All time favorite couple !

Look at that happy girl !


  1. You have an awesome blog! Thank you for taking me around the world with your posts and pics! Came across you on Instagram when one of your pictures of Australia caught my attention..Again thanks and rock on girl! :)

  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad that you love the photos and hope the info helps too :) cheers, Gyscha

    1. Yes ma'am! Very n love with your pics! You are truly blessed, but you know that :)