Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Gyscha !

         Seriously, what a girl really wants for her 24th birthday ? Shoes, bags, dress ? Nah, not really, I actually got crazy when Tiger Airways had promo buy 1 for 2, such a sweet deal for travel lovers, really. I love the idea about birthday trip, buy yourself a little present like booking tickets to some places, just away from your daily routines, meet people, celebrating life and love. Check AirAsia and Tiger Airways, they have lots of promo - which for me, that kind of sale just more interesting than normal shoes or dress summer sale.  While last year I spent 2 weeks on a birthday trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali, this year I decided to escape for 4 days to Bangkok. Ricil, my friend who supposed to travel with me to Bangkok lost her passport exactly 10 hours before we departed, so yeah I flew to Bangkok all by myself. Glad to catch up with Yasmin and Azzam, they threw me a party, from our amazing hotel Mode Sathorn Hotel in Surasak area to a unique bar with classic Chinese ambiance in Novotel hotel, then moved to Q Bar, then moved again to this bar in Shangrila which I couldn't remember the name. How sweet two of them made sure the birthday girl had good times. The next day I ran into a sweet Thai lady just behind Mode Sathorn Hotel who owns beauty salon and she gave me discounts as a lil birthday present to do my hair. She said "because a birthday girl deserves to look perfect in her big day." She was sooo right, a birthday girl deserves a perfect hair in her big day, well if only I could bring her with me everywhere to do my hair :p
            Back home,  my  boo  gave me CAT COSTUME which I had to wear that during the dinner and people were free to give me hugs and kisses. Plus big sushi treats, cake, movie night       ( oooh I love Monster University, that little Wazowski has a big spirit like me haha ) and...umm another birthday cake and dress from my beloved colleagues at work. Lucky girl I am !
              To all my special people out there, thank you for all the love and always being supportive, it's amazing how all of you always believe in me, believe in my dreams. and thank you to million readers who stop by in this blog, I might not the best writer or blogger, but happy to share my travel experiences with you ;)
             Even though nothing special with age number 24, but this year I want to spread my wings, try and experience more new things, Australia trip soooon, then Thailand again, I wanna keep doing what I love, stay happy, crazy and energetic as I am today or couple or years ago.

A birthday gift from baby love  ;p
Ladies from BMR

A photo collage from my sweet petite lady, Ana Dupont. 

The girls made a photo collage :D


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