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I took the D313 train departed at 7.30 pm from Beijing South. The receptionist from Sunrise Hostel - where I was staying in Beijing - helped me booking the ticket, it was around $90 or RMB 616 for a soft sleeper train, very clean and comfortable in fact I had a really good sleep there. We arrived around 8 am in Shanghai, as Walid recommended me to stay at Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel, from Shanghai  Railway Station I took metro line 1 to People Square then change for Line 2, go to East Nanjing Road. Exit 1, turn right and take the road which cross the pedestrian street, turn left in the first corner and voila…I found the hostel. 60 RMB per night for dorm room, the hostel only few minutes walking distance to The Bund, People Square and metro station. Offers high-speed internet connection, kitchen on the second floor, cafe, private lockers, toilets and amazing staff. They were very helpful when I lost my credit card, one of the girl there was very sweet talking to the police officer and bank people when I was too panic realizing that I wouldn't have enough money to survive in Shanghai. 

Beijing South

Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel
Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel lobby. Wifi and cafe.

Glad that Shanghai temperature wasn’t as cold as Beijing, 5’ Celcius just perfect to stroll along the Nanjing Road with  Bright, Miu and Karla. They showed me around and took me to the Yuyuan Garden, we had  an afternoon tea at this small but simply gorgeous tea house while watching the snowfall, then  went to Xin Tian Di and had a big big Chinese dinner at Bright’s favorite restaurant.  The next day Bright walked me around The Bund , Huangpu River and French Concession. Giant skyscrapers, colorful lights and hundred of tourists capturing their-so-called-Shanghai moment while some local people were busy setting up a big stage for New Year’s eve party tomorrow evening. it’s going to be a huge new year’s eve celebration in Shanghai, with the fireworks, music, party and definitely thousand of people would come together to the Bund. Wow, how time flies really fast that it’s already been 6 months ago since my last visit in Shanghai at the end of 2012. Celebrating quiet Christmas in Beijing and New year in Shanghai was a very unique experience to me,  especially when I lost my credit card, wait nooo, I didn’t really lose it, it was more like the ATM machine kept my card right before I headed for new year’s party. Practically only had RMB 100 in my pocket, had to cancel my trip to Hangzhou and staying in Shanghai instead til my departure back to Indonesia.  Thank God Bright was being really nice that he actually looking after me so I didn’t have to eat the cup noodles 3 times a day. Lesson from this trip, it’s important to always have some extra cash in pocket.  

That's Miss Karla exploring Shanghai

With my gorgeous Miu
Tea time with Karla Mrsan, Miu and Guang Bright

The Bund at night

Runaway Bride

Hot egg tarts and tea definitely my favorite breakfast menu in Shanghai. Just next to the metro station East Nanjing Road – Exit 1 near the Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel, there’s a small egg tarts shop you should try when you pass by this area. You can tell the cake tastes so good from lots of people lined up since the shop opens til 7pm-ish. Just a perfect companion when ( in this case ) I lost my credit card, didn’t have money, too tired to walk around and prefer to chill on the comfy couch inside the hostel practicing my Mandarin with Francesco and Tony from Australia. Happy that fiiiiinally it was time for me to leave Shanghai ( seriously traveling with almost zero renminbi wasn’t fun at all ) , even tho it was good to reconnect with some good old friends of mine, exploring The Bund, celebrating New Year, culinary, and quality time with Miu. I took Maglev train from Longyang Road station to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, single trip ticket costs 50 yuan. Very fast and convenient. Shame when I reached the airport I couldn't find any Starbucks, McD or Burger King inside the airport but ooh this lil cutie airport man from Aalen, Germany sitting behind me, looking starving and a bit hangover from New Year's party. All Niki got for me was a bottle of coca-cola, and his bad plan to steal some cup noodles from an old Chinese guy next to my seat. Gotta love having someone to chat when it was sooo boring  waiting at the airport, at least Niki probably smile when he read this post.  
Maglev Train
Waiting for Maglev Train
Here's a little budget information in Shanghai

Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel RMB 60 for dorm room / night
Metro = RMB 2 - 4 / single trip ( RMB 20 per day )
Meals = RMB 40 - 50 / person per meals

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