Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kota Tua & Segarra Beach Club

Exploring Kota Tua or Old Batavia, the heritage site located between North and West Jakarta - continue with cocktail and light snacking session at Segara Beach Club is actually a great idea for tourists coming to Jakarta for couple of days visit or local people that always wanted to do something different, relaxing and easy. This idea came up from my girl Rike, she was so bored of going to the malls and doing the same weekend routines,
wonder what else to do. Thousand island or Pulau 1000, Puncak, Bogor, Ujung Kulon, Bandung, Pangandaran beach are just few of getaway destinations you can visit in the weekend. But have you ever imagine how it will be so nice if only this city has one or two big parks where people can bring their family to chill and play, relax, read books and eat hot dogs on the grass ?
     Take busway from Blok M to Kota Tua, or drive all the way to Kota Tua, start your tour from Bank Indonesia museum, Bank Mandiri museum, Fatahillah square, Wayang museum, Toko Merah, Stasiun Jakarta Kota, the port of Sunda Kelapa, Maritime museum, fish market, lunch at Café Batavia, then drive to China town. I found it still nice to walk around the Fatahillah square, watching some happy faces  riding bicycle, local tour guides and tourists, some pretty girls dressed up very nice posing against the old building and photographers carrying their SLR cameras trying to capture every single beautiful moments, angle, people and movements, street vendors selling various items from traditional food ( kerak telor, otak-otak goreng, ketoprak and many more) , sunglasses, tshirts, paintings, etc.
     The rumour has it that sometime around August and September this year, the government plans to hold a three-weeks festival in Kota Tua to attract more visitors. Not only festival, Jokowi as the governor announced at least Rp 150 billion to revitalize Kota Tua area. Let's hope they will really fix Kota Tua since this place promising good opportunities for tourism industry in Jakarta.

Cultural dinner for APEC 2013 at Bank Indonesia Museum

Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa

Sunda Kelapa Harbour... A must visit place in Jakarta
Stasiun Jakarta Kota, was built in 1870

Kerak Telor

Meet the hero, Noni Belanda, toy soldier, farmer and me !

      Stop by at Café Batavia either for lunch or light snacking. We recommend you to try Batavia orgy and poffertjes. Taste the sweet and sour sensation from home made sorbet, layered with mix fruits and topped with vanilla cream. Definitely one of the best ice cream in town and perfect companion while Rike and me were gossiping about the guy in pink shirt sitting just behind us. It was very hot and humid, 26 degrees, these 2 huge fans of life were in the middle of conversation about love life, fantasy, career and dreams. Rike talked about her dream man from Grey's Anatomy and now that she found Darren in her life, even though long-distance relationship is not always easy, but this guy completes her life. While I've been craving for a new adventure, to do another amazing and big big things, it's just me in  new place with bunch of new people. Slowly working my way for it, in the mean time I'm  happy my visa for Australia has just been granted, got few writing gigs and some other projects that I've been looking forward to do. Ooh seriously there’s still so much out there to see, win, experience, and get … Then suddenly Rike eyes caught this  prince charming walking inside the restaurant with his girlfriend,  got two of us melted, a little heart attack  and nose-bleeding ( kidding ) How a part of us wanted to kill or shoot the girl, but of course we were just joking. See that's the good thing of having girlfriends, you can practically share anything ( not boyfriend ). 
     It was almost 3 pm and we decided to move to Ancol. Saw some family picnic on the green grass, sharing food, love and laughs, little girls running naked in their cute underwear, young couples cuddling, it was all about happiness and simple joy being under the sun with the loved ones. We went to Segarra Beach Club, Rike ordered us martini, illusion, french fries and calamari while waiting for the sunset. Loving the breeze, the cocktails, and a great tour we did together since this morning... 
Batavia orgy : Rp 89.000  
Poffertjes : Rp 29.000 
Martini : Rp 90.000
Illusion : Rp 90.000
French Fries : Rp 40.000
Calamary : Rp 40.000

Batavia Orgy & Poffertjes  ( Cafe Batavia )
martini, french fries and illusion at Segarra Beach Club 
Having cocktails, girl talk, while watching the sunset at Segarra Beach Club. Loving the easy weekend.
Meet the gorgeous Rike Rivanny. 

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