Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Escape : Puncak

Let’s take a break for a while from China trip. In this post, I'm going to take you couple of hours away from Jakarta for a weekend getaway, easy Saturday morning tea-walk in Puncak. Been having some of these photos just sitting around in my laptop, and when I was replying some of fhe readers email about places to visit in Jakarta, I thought...heyyy I should post about Puncak. I actually recommended tourists to leave Jtown early in the morning to avoid the traffic, drive all the way to Puncak. You can spend the whole morning tea-walking, riding little horses, go for paragliding, lunch in Rindu Alam or Cimori restaurant. Perfect if you want to relax, away from skyscrapers, in fact this is my favorite place just to have a long walk, clear my mind, with a bit of day-dreaming. I remember how my girls were excited to do this short trip, Eno was so busy packing and choosing summer outfit, making sure her pants match enough with the top and shoes - for the sake of good pictures with little horse, while Mandy bought us some breads and snacks and Olga surprised me with her super sporty look like a real athlete ready to do marathon. Ha, you know girls are complicated ( sometimes ), except now Puncak surprisingly too hot, even at 6am we arrived at the tea-plantation,  I was sweating a lot. 

Speaking of which, I met 2 backpackers from Germany last Saturday when I was having brunch in Kemang area. My eyes caught this couple looked lost, just standing outside the restaurant for more than…15 minutes. I was exactly like that when I visited Cambodia, Vietnam, Beijing, or any new places I’ve never been before. Confused, scarred , excited at the same time trying to figure out how to get to the hotel, restaurants, bus station, etc. I could imagine it must be not easy for tourists coming to Jakarta or Indonesia for the first time. First, the traffic. Second, the language. I decided to say hello and asked if I could help them. Julius and Petra, students from Germany, were looking for taxi to take them to Gambir train station to visit Bandung. They wanted to do a bit of shopping in Bandung then go to Batu Karas to surf, but not so sure how to get there. I explained them they could either take night buses from Kampung Rambutan which all of you can read my previous post about Batu  Karas and Green Canyon. Aahhh listening to their story about Asia trip made me seriously can not wait til my Australia visa out in the next 2 weeks. From Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Tasmania. Stay tuned at Travelagys, meanwhile hope you enjoy photo below from Puncak

The weekend getaway short trip ended with big seafood dinner in 212 seafood Kelapa Gading. Eno was craving for lobster so she forced us to eat nothing but seafood that night. We ordered 10 different meals from squids, lobster, crab, ikan ayam-ayam, vegetables, grilled fish, and many more.

Who says small girls don't eat ?


  1. hi. bumped into your blog when i googled for things to do in puncak. im flying to CGK this chinese new year and plan to stay at bandung and also puncak. please recommend area to stay or a name a few hotels. we're a group of 3 adults and 3 kids under 5 yo. at the tea plantation, is there any special spot for breakfast, or early lunch? im from malaysia btw ;)

  2. Hi Ermie, thanks for writing. To be honest I' never stayed in any hotels in Puncak, used to stay in Villa Kota Bunga few years ago, so unfortunately I couldnt recommend you with any hotel names but there are lots of hotels there. Since you bring kids, there's one hotel inside Taman Safari zoo, it'll be great for kids, they have places for breakfast and lunch too. There is no restaurant for lunch or breakfast at the tea plantation, but they have little shop or warung for tea and light snack. It's best to bring yourself snacks and drinks if you plan to visit tea plantation in the morning. Oh btw, kids would love horse riding and night safari at Taman Safari zoo.