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Summer Palace

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Epicure Indonesia April issue 2013

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S U M M E R   P A L A C E - B E I J I N G

        Get ready to fall in love with how gorgeous Summer Palace ( Yiheyuan ) in winter. 16 KM from central Beijing, located in Haidian District, you can take subway line 4 and get off at Beigongmen station. The entrance fee costs you RMB 40. Enjoy walking and ice-skating in the frozen Kunming Lake, explore some old buildings and temple, the Seventeen-Arch bridge and Longevity Hill. I've never seen how's Summer Palace look like in Summer, but I'd say winter is the best time to visit this place. Less tourists, yes it's very cold, my high-heeled leather boots made it even harder for me to walk and run ( they is pain ) but  my favorite part...I guess just sitting and watching the boys hanging in the frozen Kunming Lake for hours. Such a simple joy. Didn't believe my own eyes when they pulled my hands to walk with them in the frozen Kunming Lake, I mean in my head was what if all the ice melts and we'll all drown !!! 
       We even danced with some local women in the park, had this funny conversation with a local man that didn't want to take picture with me and my two girls - he thought we weren't beautiful enough, ouch. We really had good times and definitely recommend you to see Summer Palace too

Cheap and yummy crepes for breakfast
Having crepes and coffee before Summer Palace tour
Ten of us left the hostel really early in the morning to visit Summer Palace and Lama Temple. We were hungry, craving for hot coffee and anything..anything delicious for breakfast. Exit from Beigongmen station, one of our guys found this  little food stall selling hot crepes and coffee – just exactly what we need to start the big day. Plus it's cheap ! Perfect for backpackers... 

Summer Palace in winter

Walid Tirouche was an expert gymnastic teacher
Watching the frozen Kunming Lake

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