Thursday, January 3, 2013

China InstaGoodies

Great Wall Mutianyu

     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 !!!! The bad news is : I lost my credit card in Shanghai one day before the new year's eve, practically only had 100 yuan in my pocket - had to cancel my trip to Hangzhou but's the good news :  Speaking about 2013, it's all about the excitement of 365 days full of joy, prosperity, challenge and happiness ! Lots of work and projects to do, trip to Australia and Asia and ohhh many more - you know, those possibilities and better days that keeps you excited and alive.
     Meanwhile, my first day in Beijing wasn't easy at all. -15' celcius, the coldest place I've ever been to by far. I didn't bring thick socks and jackets, but the cold weather was just then the beginning of great times ! Here's the sneak peek from our adventure in Beijing and Shanghai. Hope you guys like some of the pics I took during the trip, the complete posts about accommodation  travel info, budgets, and many more are coming on your way...

Temple of Heaven

Qianmen street - Dongcheng District Beijing

Summer Palace

Summer Palace, Kunming lake

Ben Salah, Clement Dente, Walid, Jukka and Salim enjoying their early brekkie before our Summer Palace day trip

Another shot from Great Wall Mutianyu

Loving how quiet and gorgeous Summer Palace in winter.

Shanghai The Bund.

Night market at Wangfujing - Beijing. Silk worms, scorpions, snake, even...starfish, anyone ?

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