Sunday, December 16, 2012


Ana Dupont in Metamorphosis Show

It's almost the end of 2012 ! I'm sure I'm not the only person getting very excited here about holidays and new year. Going to China on Saturday, 22nd Dec, can't wait to get lost, explore new places, tea houses and many more. Meanwhile, would like to share with y'all about my other interest - centerstage. There, right in the middle of the stage, I find myself at my happiest and sexiest :) Performing or emcee'ing, entertaining people. Last Saturday I decided to give a shot auditioning for Hanoman The Ultimate Warrior. Fell in love with the concept of the show when I read it on the newspaper, I came to Taman Ismail Marzuki to join some of amazing dancers. For me it wasn’t about winning and getting role in the play, I’ll be happy if they call me back, but even if they don’t, it was more about to be there, have fun and dance in front of the show director. Then the next day, Sunday afternoon,I got an em-cee gig at this American cultural centre @ America, 3rd floor Pacific Place – Jakarta, for STEPS Dance Academy Show called “Metamorphosis” Show.

I was very happy MC’ing for Metamorphosis. If you live in Jakarta and craving for some dance lessons, why don’t you stop by at STEPS Dance Academy at FX Sudirman, 7th floor ? STEPS dance offers various of dance classes, from hip hop, ballet, contemporary art, zumba and many more. Their multitalented dance instructors  organized this show dedicated for their students. Not only to build the students self-confidence, but also to get them dance and shine bright on the centerstage, express their feelings and passion. Just like a butterfly through their metamorphosis phase, dance also through a long metamorphosis journey and that afternoon was one of the metamorphosis scenes for their students to explore and develop themselves.

Metamorphosis show, @America - Pacific Place, Jakarta

All the STEPS Dance Academy students & me ;p

It feels good to share the stage again with Ana Dupont. Shine bright, Ana !

It was good also to finally share the stage again with one of my favorite ladies, Ana Dupont. We used to work together in Malaysia, I will never forget how she made me a real star for one of her shows. Such a lovely friend,  inspiring person, big dreamer, a kind of friend who will slap you hard when you just have to realize you’re dating a bad guy, brings you up and give you big hug when the world let you down, motivates you to dream big and be more than who you are today. Yes she is one of those special people in my life that made who, where, and what I am today. Moved to Jakarta last year, now working at STEPS Dance Academy, Ana has big missions for Jakarta and its entertainment world.

And thank you to my girls for coming to the show. It's your support that motivates me to achieve more.

One of my favorite Sunday's afternoon actually. To host a show with my favorite show director, and all good friends were actually there to support us ! Big love, G. xx

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