Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spankys in Jakarta

Lemon grass martini after work at Spankys - Kemang, anyone ?

     This post I'm going to share with you all will be different from all my previous posts. Maybe if you ever come to Jakarta, or you live in Jakarta, this culinary and new restaurant post can be another recommendation to try. Finished working earlier then went to see art night for a while before going to Spankys, a new restaurant specialty in steaks, ribs, and martinis, located in Kemang raya - South Jakarta. As a fan of steak, barbeque and good martinis, I always craving to hunt for Jakarta's new, minimalist, nice place for dinner and drinks after work. Yes Jakarta has lots of nice bars and restaurant, but really few of good place offers amazing steak. So when i heard the news about new restaurant specialty in steak and martinis would open soon in Kemang, next to the Body and Soul shop, which is just 10 minutes from where I live, I decided to stop by, grabbing meals with my colleagues. Arrived in Spankys, the staffs welcomed me with big smiles. Fall in love for the first sight with their minimalist concept, all white, with the big mirror and vintage portrait and paintings. Very comfy and chill ambiance. First floor just perfect to have cocktails or drinks. I recommend you to try mocha martini and lemon grass martini. Go up to the second floor, you'll see more spaces to eat. Love the furniture, and big circle window. I guess i can sit there for hours just blogging and having brunch, as they serve pies,ribs, my favorite Mac 'n cheese,  and  many more choices for brunch, couldnt be more happier to eat a lot in the lazy weekend :)
       I tried their pork quesadilla and steak, the food price starts from $2 for light snacks and steak starts from $7. The chef recommended me to try imported baby back pork ribs and australian rib eye with gravy sauce and bbq sauce smokey whiskey,which was soooo delicious. I also recommend you to try the Balinese sambal matah, red rice, also chicken and papaya salad ( $5), perfect mix of asian spiced chicken with mint, roasted peanut and sweet papaya, very fresh and healthy. Do not miss the delicious coconut vanilla panna cotta with caramelized fruit. It was a great dinner with great companion, happy to catch up with clients, colleagues, and had interesting conversation with new friends Phillip and Laurent.and of course my beloved ladies Ann, Marcia and Rike.

Come check Spankys at
Jl. Kemang raya no.24a
Jakarta selatan 12730
Phone : 021 - 7182876

Email marketing : andrea@spankysribs.com


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  1. Surely that restaurant serves one of the delicious food there. By the way, is that a collection of coaster? I like the coaster with a dog design.

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