Friday, October 5, 2012

Phuket : Sometimes, good things happen in goodbyes.

       Just got back from Phuket !! Very happy to be home, to fiiinaaally sleep in my own bed again. Hmm it wasn't my favorite trip, but definitely was one the best decisions I've ever made to flew there. Brought myself the best 'souvenir' ever from Phuket. As every trip always brings different unique stories and experience, they're not always good things, but even though they're bad, we all agreed that we learn from mistakes and experience. For me, this trip taught me about good things happen in goodbyes. 
       The highlight of the 8 days trip was catching up with my good friends and.. I am proud to say goodbye to the past and let go... live goes on, baby ! Just like the other girls, we meet guys, we fall in love with those wrong guys. He once brought music and colors into my life, I felt so happy, complete and everything was just perfect with him. This guy was a very passionate guy, happy, crazy, I found it was amazing to work and share the dreams with him. Then we gotta go our own ways, and even if the whole world or your friends keep telling you that this guy just a waste of time, you will keep thinking he is good, til you fly to Thailand and see with your own eyes the fact that he wasn't the same guy you knew anymore. Things changed, people changed. It was probably the hardest 8 days in 2012, not easy to be around him, watching the real him and his life, but I was glad to actually be there and find the answers ( or fact ). Simply couldn't wait to say goodbye and fly home. Well, he was never a waste of time, he is just a lesson learned. No - I'm not a broken-hearted girl, the moment when I shut the door, left his place - that was when I found myself can breathe again, so alive and fresh. Excited to go home, do my things, chase my dreams, fall in love again, shine bright...
        And apart of that little drama, I mostly just hanging out in Club Med Phuket, watching my friends training at the flying trapeze, then riding around Phuket town, it was shame the weather wasn't as good as I expected . We tried out different Thai meals and visited some places which I promise you all I would write the complete stories over the weekend, feel so bad haven't really updated my travel blog since i left to Phuket last week. But heyyy since i've been so addicted with Instagram, thought i would post some of the pics from Phuket trip here ;)

White Party

Passworld GO !

Daniel Glen & Alex Mannering training at the flying trapeze

Alex Mannering, Daniel Glen, and Kotani Saya at the Circus show

Sunset at Kata Beach

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