Saturday, October 13, 2012

Green Canyon - Batu Karas Pangandaran beach , West Java

Hekris Akwilla and Andrettya Minagyta hunting some fresh seafood in West Java
Loving my Sunday morning routine ! Having big brekkie in my bed, newspaper, music, fresh air, checking emails…Life’s good, baby ! Would love to thank you all for the positive response and dropping by at my new travel blog, it’s been a very interesting 48 days editing photos, blogging, replying emails from the readers, sharing my travel experiences with other travel lovers, definitely can’t wait for my next trip in November.
Green Canyon - West Java

Was looking at some old photos from a trip with high school buddies couple of years ago, I hope this post could be a recommendation of places to visit if you’re going to West Java, Indonesia. Andret, Bram, Will, Riza and me went to Green Canyon at Desa Kertayasa, Cijulang - Ciamis and Batu Karas Pangandaran beach in West Java back in 2009. Driving for 9 hours from Jakarta to Pangandaran,  it was a fun drive. We laughed, jammin’, had lunch somewhere in West Java, continued driving til we realized Will left this box of medicines for face treatment he couldn’t live without, so we had to drive back to the restaurant to pick his stuff, but anyway we made it to Pangandaran beach, booked a room for Rp 150.000 ( $15 ) with a medium size bed for 5 people – had to squeeze all night.
You can also take the public transportation / bus from Kampung Rambutan bus station – Jakarta to Pangandaran for Rp 60.000 or $6 one way. They normally leave the bus station at night, 9pm ish, and arrive in Pangandaran early morning.  From there, you can either rent a car to take you to the Green Canyon, Batu Karas and Pangandaran beach ( those three places located not so far from each other, to rent a motorcycle could be a good option too ) or take a tour package with local guide.
Me and my friends had seafood for dinner at the fish market near our hotel. Will and Andret were so excited to choose the fish and get the guy to grill them, while Bram and Riza bought the magic mushroom for Rp 200.000 ( $ 20 ) from a local guy, they simply couldn’t wait to have them as a desert after big seafood.



The seafood was really good and cheap, we spent Rp 200.000 ( $20 ) for 5 kind of meals, well it was in 2009, I’m not sure it’ll cost us the same price if we return there. Back to the hotel, the boys had this magic mushroom, even tho there was nothing happen after waiting for an hour, bad quality of shroom practically. Then we went to the beach just in front of our hotel, just jammin’ and enjoying the breeze and shooting stars, was a great night with lovely people, priceless !
The next morning we went to Green Canyon. We paid Rp 75.000 ( $8 ) for the ticket / person, and another Rp 100.000 ( $10 ) for the guide. I forgot our guide’s name but he was a friendly and fun man, he even gave us more time to explore the green canyon ( as much as we want ) while normally the other guide would just give you an hour to explore the place then you have to come back to the port, or you should pay more to stay longer.
Green Canyon was really a beautiful place. The small port was packed with tourists that morning, that it took us around 15 minutes by boat to the Green Canyon. Fresh air, clean green river, the jungle with massive palms and teak trees.
Before Green Canyon

Done exploring Green Canyon, we moved to Batu Karas and Pangandaran beach – another surfer’s paradise. The boys went surfin, while Andret and me taking photos and soak up the sun.

Pangandaran Beach

Batu Karas beach

Green Canyon could be a great weekend getaway for Jakartans who wants to escape from the hustle bustle of the city, it won’t be that expensive if you share the travel costs with your friends, as me and my friends spent Rp 250.000 / $25 per person for 3 days . Speaking about accommodation, Pangandaran area has so many hotels with various price from the low budget ones til the mid-range ( $5 - $ 50 per night ), many restaurants from western food, seafood, to the local dishes ( $ 1 - $ 15 ).  While the tour package from Jakarta to Green Canyon would cost you from Rp 500.000 - Rp 900.000 ( $ 50 - 90 ) or even more
Wish everyone a happy Sunday, about to off soon for Sunday brunch with my favorite people :)


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