Sunday, October 7, 2012

Club Med Phuket

It was good to be back in Phuket again for 8 days,  the weather wasn’t really good,  raining all day,  but I couldn’t care less since my only mission going there was just to catch up with some good friends of mine at Club Med Phuket at Kata road, Karon – Phuket. I mostly just hanging out in Club Med, relaxing on the beach, watching my friends training at the flying trapeze and the evening shows, did some ‘crazy signs’ – communal dance led by Club Med’s staff or GO ( Gentile Organisateur ). Some of the staffs were energetic, friendly, somehow it reminds me of those good old days when I was  working with Club Med Bali couple of years ago. Wearing different color of polo shirts with a name tag every day, I was lucky to  have a great team, that working for long hours wasn’t a big deal at all cos we all simply  loving our job. Did different shows every night, organized some family events, dressing up as princess, Whitney Houston, catwoman, even Rihanna,  did arrival and departures for the guests, late night rehearsal then party at night clubs in Legian Bali til 5 am, I couldn’t believe I actually had all those energy and still feel 100 % the next morning. Well, overall it was a good experience, happy to try different things and always looking forward for more challenges and adventures. Life is interesting J 

Catching the gorgeous sunset

Club Med staffs / GO ( Gentile Organisateur ) doing crazy sign party

Before the show started

The evening dresscode was Club Med 88 t-shirts. Both guests and staff taking photos together

'Just For Fun' show : boyband

Alex Mannering, Kotani Saya at the Circus show

The bar. Free flow drinks, how sweeet

Jean Ansley Palmire leading the White Party

Surprise after white party

Unfortunately the buffet food wasn’t that delicious, I still prefer the food at Club Med Bali and Cherating Beach better. There was no GO ambiance around the bar at 7.15pm, looked so empty ( or maybe the GOs were having dinner in the restaurant ). And what I expected to see was the second show that normally Club Med has after the main show, unfortunately it was just crazy signs and the musicians singing. So it was quite boring after the show. Oh well, still a great place I’d love to recommend if you’re planning to bring your family ( still good for couples too ) on your holidays. With their all inclusive concept, you can send the kids to Mini Club & Teens Club, the GOs / staff will organize fun activities for your children from sports, flying trapeze, archery, dance, arts and many more. I always love to see kids with their face painted, wearing cute costumes, dancing on the stage, good way to build their confidence. While kids are busy with their new friends and GOs, parents can always sip cocktails at the bar, go on excursions, or play golf, archery, flying trapeze, pool games, and many more. In the evening, the GOs will do variety shows and crazy signs party. Club Med has different theme and dresscode everyday, from all white emotions, jungle, red and white, black elegant, 80s, and many more. Go dress to impress and party hard !

Club Med Phuket Circus school

Alex Mannering and Daniel Glenn teaching kids at indoor swing classes

Mini Club dance lesson

Kids playing with Mini Club GO

With Daniel Glen and Nicolas Souza

Mobeen !

Kate & Ansley

Guy Thompson and G !

With the sexiest Cheff Ms.Jinny

For more info about Club Med, click on They also have night passes if you want to visit the hotel in the evening, and day passes if you want to do some activities and lunch in the afternoon.


  1. Hello I love your blog! Right now I am 15, last year of high school. After I get my college degree i would like to work at club med as a costume designer or something in the hospitality field. I would like to know how old you were when you applied to club med. Would you mind give me your email address because I have many questions about working as a G.O and would love to know your stories when you worked as a G.O. Please Keep up with your writing as i am waiting to know more~ 

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