Friday, September 7, 2012


Been to Singapore few times,  to be honest I’m not really a huge fan of big city, one or two days in Singapore are enough.  For shopaholics, Singapore definitely a heaven to burn some cash on clothes and shoes, while for those who loves traveling for food, there are so many choices of culinary you can try at China Town, Little India, Kampong Glam or even just sip the famous Singapore Sling cocktail at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel. Not to be missed for some people who just wants to chill and enjoy the city view from Marina Bay Sands , have your afternoon tea at TWG Tea, and fun day at Universal Studios at Sentosa Island with family or friends, there’s just so much to do in Singapore. Plus it’s really easy to get around, take MRT, pretty convenient. There also many selections for accommodation. Check the backpackers hostels in Bugis street for low budget accommodation, like Travellers Inn for S$27 per night, or if you want to stay in strategic area like Orchard road, check with Lucky Plaza Apartment. Some of the apartment owners rent their rooms for tourists, the price is a little bit more expensive but I guess that’s worth it with the location. If you’re okay to spend more money for your hotel rooms, stay with Marina Bay Sands or other 4 or 5 star hotels.  
While many travel agents offer various travel packages to Singapore, and you find yourself right now in a big dilemma to discover Lion city by yourself  or going with a group tour, hmm … there’s always a plus and a minus of traveling solo or going with small group tours. If you’re too lazy to plan your trip and don’t mind to follow your group tour schedule, go ahead with travel package. But if you never travel solo and always wonder how it feels like discovering a new place on your own, well, they bring different and unique experience, meet more people, make new friends ! So why don’t you give it a shot to travel solo ? Don’t really stick yourself with plans you’ve made, be flexible and spontaneous to go anywhere. Like I said before, don’t worry about getting around in Singapore, they have one of the best public transportation system in the world. Everything will be just fine.
And, speaking about what’s my favorite Singapore moment, I guess it was when a stranger was following me at Orchard road that I almost cry, and the other day I met up with old friends, Drun and Edouard.
I couldn’t be more excited when I read a message from my high school buddy Drun, he said he’d be in Singapore for couple of days visiting his sister before going back to Perth. Never seen him for ages and we both thought it wasn’t that far actually from Malaysia to Singapore, so that’d be really nice to catch up even just for a while. So I left Cherating Beach on Friday evening, caught the last bus to Singapore for a total 6 hours bus drive.
Reached Lavender street, Singapore in the morning, I stopped by at Orchard for coffee and pancakes. Pretty comfortable just wearing my black blazer with a white tank top and shorts, enjoying every bite of my light breakkie while watching strip malls and people walked in a hurry towards the MRT station, for them it might be just another days…race against time. I’ve always wondered how it feels like if I could read their mind.
Done with my breakkie and people-watching, I did a little bit of window shopping at Orchard, there was a guy came to me and asked my name. The way he starred at me from head to toe really freaked me out. He asked whether I was alone or with someone else, I didn’t say anything, just keep walking. Went to the second floor of I-Setan, I realized this guy was still following me, even when I got into MRT station he was standing not so far from me. I was afraid, almost cry, its been like 45 minutes trying to get away from him, couldn’t even text my friend who supposed to pick me up in Orchard. Panic !!! I walked faster, across the street and walked up to the big food court. “I’ll be okay. I’m in the busy street, nothing’s bad could happen.”I whispered to myself. Sat in the corner of the food court, I ordered Indonesian food to this Indonesian lady been living in Singapore for ages. I told her about a man who stalking on me, and she tried to calm me down, said that I’d be okay, she even borrowed me her phone to call my friend and couple of minutes after Drun picked me up. Was so relieved to see him. And the lesson from this story : even in a modern place like Singapore, I still have to be careful with what I wear. The creepy guy following me maybe because he saw me alone, but I wasn’t the one wearing shorts in Orchard. Drun said, if this kind of thing happen again, walk faster, run…

And another story from my express Singapore trip was when Edouard came to Singapore ! YAY !  My short trip to Lion City that time wasn’t about shopping or sightseeing at Orchard Road or Marina Bay Sands like what most tourists did ( of course I would still go to China Town or Kampong Glam for big lunch or late snacking ), it was all about seeing a good friend of mine, Edouard. We met up at Lucky Plaza – Orchard road, had some pork not so far from there and since we didn’t plan anything that day, simply just wanted to walk and enjoy sunny day in Singapore. We took some great pictures around city then went to Singapore botanical garden. Sat in a bench, watching swan lake and a couple who did pre-wedding photo shooting, even had short naps on the grass.  Doing an express trip was tiring but also very exciting, especially when you get to see your good friends, oh except the part where a stranger stalking on you.
Singapore botanical garden


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  1. sayang..any recommendations for some cheap hotels in Singapore? got to stay there for 15 days :E