Monday, September 10, 2012

Karimun Jawa

My friends  took me to Karimun Jawa –island group in the Java sea – as  a birthday present for me in June 2011, yes I knew I was a lucky girl.  Left office earlier on Wednesday afternoon to catch 5pm bus to Jepara – Central Java, at Lebak Bulus bus station, Jakarta, we were actually quite lucky to get the last 4 tickets left in the bus counter. I was very happy my friends brought me back to Java land, it reminded me when I was a little girl my parents always brought me with them for Java road trip at least every once a year. Mum introduced me to Javanese people and their culture, we tried so many traditional food, visited lots of interesting places from temples, beach, mountain, traditional market, even pilgrimage to East Java. Just like any other mother, she just wants to see her daughter never stop exploring.
        Birthday girl  pretty much enjoying 12 hours bus drive, while her friends Yudha, Wasir, and Opit looked deeply fall asleep. We arrived in Jepara around 5 am, took a rickshaw ( Rp 12.000 ) to Jepara port. Yudha got our 3 days trip taken care by Suka Wisata ( ) . The ferry KMP Muria left the port to Karimun Jawa at 9am. 6 hours in the ocean wasn’t convenient at all, but Yudha was really smart to get us a room ( it was the captain’s room, with AC ) he paid Rp 200.000 so four of us could have naps. I also met my high school buddy, Gilly and his cousin, and two Dutch girls which had the same birthday as me.

Happy People :)

Arrived in Karimun Jawa at 2 pm, Mr. Tidar – our guide – was waiting with his crew. They gave us cold coconut water then dropped us with another 7 tourists to the homestays. Rest and walked around the village, we loved how local people there were very friendly. Stopped by at local market to buy some souvenirs, cold beers and chips, we had a small birthday party at the fisherman’s boat.

The island hopping tour started at 6 am. We went to Menjangan Besar island, Menjangan Kecil island, Cemara Besar, Cemara kecil, Pulau Tengah and many more. Spent the whole days hopping from one island to another, soak up the sun, snorkeling, amazed by beautiful coral reefs even swimming with baby sharks. Mr Tidar told us, hotels and property development are not allowed in some islands.  As more and more people coming to Karimun Jawa for holidays, the local people realized they have to protect their islands and marine environment.
Look who's chasing the shark

Wasir and fish
Ical chillin' underwater
Birthday girl

Lunch time !

If you guys planning to visit Karimun Jawa – a marine park of 27 islands, leaving from Jakarta : if 12 hours bus drive to Jepara too long, you can fly to Semarang, then go to Tanjung Mas port, take a fast boat KMC Kartini  only 3,5 hours to get to Karimun Jawa which is much faster than the one we took last time.  Always check the ferry schedule cos it's been  always changing.  I spent Rp 900.000 ( less than $ 100 ) for 6 days trip, including travel package, return bus Jakarta- Jepara - Jakarta and food. We recommend you to go with Suka Wisata ( ), they have schedules and offer various of travel packages you can choose, the price very affordable, but mostly we loved Mr.Tidar and his crew for treating us just like family.
Ps : here’s the Karimun Jawa just-for-fun-video me and my friends made

With love, Happy People


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