Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hong Kong - Macau

Here’s the recap of my previous trip to Hong Kong – Macau for 8 days.  After spending couple of hours hanging out in Kuala Lumpur hunting delicious nasi lemak with my friend Eva, we took a cab to KLIA, then arrived in Hong Kong at 9 pm. It was in March – so I thought the weather wouldn’t be that cold. WRONG ! Saw people wearing coat, shawl, and boots at the immigration checkpoints,  I started to think about the temperature, while I was the only girl wearing tank top, black legging and flip flops, I kept telling myself “Nah, it wouldn’t be that cold.” then right at the moment I walked out the arrival terminal to catch a bus to Tsim Sha Tsui, maaan it was cold !!!  Should have checked the temperature before I left Malaysia to HK, but it’s too late. Now that I only packed light clothes and flip flops with me, the first thing I should do after get a hostel was definitely shopping jackets and boots.

The public bus A21 from airport to Tsim Sha Tsui  operating from 6.00 to 24.00 ( HK$ 33 ). Very convenient, they even have WIFI, which I couldn’t even dream about it when I return to Indonesia. Looking outside the windows watching modern Hong Kong, full of strip malls, crowds of skyscrapers, the colorful neon lights and giant billboards, this place is another recommendation to visit if you want to burn some cash on shopping.
Take A21 ( HK $ 33 ) from airport to Tsim Sha Tsui. The bus is available from 06.00 to 24.00

I decided to stay at Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road, simply because the location was strategic. Went to check some hostels at Mirador Mansion, I found a nice room at Cosmic Guest House ( ) for HK$ 300 per night , then had dinner with my friend at this very nice local restaurant, I wish I remember the name or how to get there, but one thing for sure…the Chinese food was amazing.
I found it was quite impressive to see how colorful and live Tsim Sha Tsui and people at night. While it’s so easy to get around the city by MTR and bus, to check some more interesting places like Causeway Bay, Victoria Peak, even spending a day playing at Ocean Park with my friends, and visiting The Turner’s family.  
dinner with a friend. Love the food !

From Victoria Peak

Took a New World First   Ferries to Macau from the China Ferry terminal in Kowloon ( couple of minutes walk distance from my hostel ), the ferry departs every 15 minutes, with one way ticket price  HK$ 133. Was planning to spend couple of days in Macau, but after exploring the island, including sight seeing to Ruins of St.Paul’s, Venetian Macao and some other hotels, there’s really nothing much to do in Macau. Except of course if you want to play casino, or watch this interesting circus, dance and acrobatic show The House of Dancing Water .

Ruins of St. Paul's

I spent $600 for 8 days, including return flight tickets, entertainment and accommodation. Hong Kong has so many selections of culinary and shopping, better be wise spending your money on clothes. If you’re about to make decisions going to HK with or without travel agents, well as I have mentioned before, things are easy in HK, from transportations to accommodations. Isn’t it more interesting to plan your own trip and explore HK without being rush with your tour schedule ?  

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