Tuesday, August 28, 2012

La La Land

Paulo Coelho : making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”

La La Land by Bernard Genauzeau

Cherating Beach
Never thought my decision to leave Jakarta and work in Cherating Beach for a year was just the beginning of things… Found myself completely fall in love with Cherating Beach since my first night watching the Brazilian show, not only fell in love with the beach, but also the people I worked with, the village, the food, the backstage…ah, even the friendly smile of the taxi driver who always ready to drop and pick me up for my grocery shopping every my day off.  
At the beginning I was a bit afraid of missing home and friends, but the whole adventure and this incredible dream team made it into one of my favorite years. Waking up every morning with big smile and 100 % ready to create another great day. It was sooo good to be working with positive, optimist, and happy people, they simply gave you great energy.

And speaking of great colleagues, meet my fave hot chicks, Loges and Eng. They’re sexy, independent, happy and smart, just very fun to hang around with. I remembered it was Loges last week before she had to move to Bintan, and since three of us were crazy about photoshooting, we wanted to make special photos for Loges. Eng then talked to Bernard Genauzeau, a professional and talented photographer from France, told him that we had this idea about three girls with colorful dress and candy on the beach, looking happy, sexy and free. Bernard agreed to take pictures of us and the next day, Loges was ready in her pink dress carrying bunch of lollipop , while Eng wore her yellow top with a white tutu skirt she took from the backstage, as for me – I decided to wear my backless dress.

Eng. Loges Chandra. Gyscha Revrita Rendy

By Bernard Genauzeau

It was another lovely morning at Cherating Beach, while people were still in bed, three of us and Bernard had so much fun, laughed til our stomach hurts.  Let our bare feet cuddled on the sands and just like the other normal girls, we talked about our next step, dreams.  Such a great start of the day !
Club Med Cherating Beach 

Club Med Cherating best GOs
September 2011, it seems like yesterday. Looking back on these pictures, they still could tell me how much fun we had in Cherating Beach. On the other side of the world, I believe the girls still having fun in their own adventures, just like me enjoying my job and life and…ah, blogging for travelagysch. More posts, pictures, and travel info coming up soon.     

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