Sunday, May 24, 2020

Stavanger, Norway

Hello my loves,

I hope you’re all safe and healthy wherever you are at the moment. I thought I’d love to share with you some lost and found pictures from my first trip to Norway almost two years ago.

I remember I arrived in Stavanger, Norway that day very early in the morning. I had no plan at all to visit the city until I met a stranger at a cafe in Bergen and the first thing she told me was her experience hiking to Preikestolen. After she showed me a couple of pictures of the cliff, I went on the internet to find out how to get to Preikestolen. Then I booked my bus ticket, a room for one night in Stavanger, then left Bergen with so much excitement to know I’d soon explore a new city and go on a hike again.

Arriving in Stavanger at dawn gave me the opportunity to explore the city and wander around the streets and little alleys. From the old town to Øvre Holmegate or colorful street in Stavanger, I took my time to immerse myself in this strange place and create a little bit with a camera in my hands.

Another day. Another dream come true. Another new place. New people. Different culture. Here I am a thousand miles away from home, living the uncertainty, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable every single day. I absolutely have no idea what or where I’d be tomorrow but does it even matter? It feels good to be in the right place surrounded by good people. What a blessing and true privilege to witness every single miracle happen and surprises life has in store for me.

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