Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Yangon 2020

With so many things happened in 2019 I knew I wanted to close the year and start all over again fresh and brand new in a quiet place. Yangon then came into my mind. I’ve been to Myanmar few times ( even celebrated New Year once in Bagan ) but I haven’t really spent some time in Yangon. So I booked my flight ticket and accommodation, extremely happy and grateful to celebrate love, dream bigger, and begin again in one of my favorite places on earth. Landed in Yangon in the morning, I started to notice few changes not only in the airport but also in the city center. My first stop later in the afternoon: Yangon Station then take the circular train. Only 200 kyat, definitely the best way to explore the city. And if you love photography or people-watching like me, well this train is the perfect spot to hunt portraits. There’s just so much lives and colors! I spent around three hours filming, taking pictures, appreciating the little things in life that sometimes I take for granted. Sitting on a crowded train watching kids laughing, couples in love, father and son hugging, young girls listening to the music, people struggling to make ends meet…I am just so humbled and grateful for the way Myanmar reminds me again of what truly matters in life. These guys probably don’t have much but from the way they smile at you and treat others, you can tell how much they enjoy and appreciate life. On the last day of 2019 I received so much love, strength, inspiration, kindness, happiness, hope, and peace.

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