Friday, December 6, 2019

Top 9 Places You Should Visit in Italy

Today I thought I wanted to share with you some of favourite places in Italy. With the holiday season almost upon us, maybe some of you still looking for ideas or inspiration where to go and what to do this December, so I hope this post would help a bit! I’ve been incredibly lucky to travel the world for the last 10 years. Something that I still find it hard to believe but also incredibly grateful to experience so many things I never thought I could. While every country is special, it’s never easy for me to pick the best or most beautiful country. But if you ask me what is my favourite country, I can tell you Italy is definitely one of my favourite countries. Oh, easy! Who doesn’t love Italy, anyway? Great food, great culture, beautiful people, amazing landscape, architecture and history. A good friend mine would describe Italy as a beautiful lady who knows how to seduce you and that’s why you keep coming back. I absolutely agree with her! I visited Italy for the very first time in April 2015. I remember I didn’t really enjoy Rome that day because of the heavy rain and bad weather but as soon I moved to Venice, I just couldn’t help but falling in love with Italy. From exploring five villages in Cinque Terre to celebrating my birthday in Capri and Positano then of course it’s always nice to visit my dear friends in Milan and Rome, Italy has so much more to offer - you just can’t get enough of this country. Scroll down for more places and pictures and click the city if you want to find out further stories and adventures. Going through some old blog posts from Italy and Europe, I didn’t realize how my photography has improved so much over the years. Another thing to be grateful for I guess…the opportunity to improve, create, and do what I truly love.


Cinque Terre


Lake Como







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