Sunday, December 15, 2019

6 Cities You Should Visit in Spain

You know what I love most about life? The fact life always ALWAYS has better plans for us. The moment you take a leap of faith and decide to trust life, that’s when life would surprise us. Take us to places we probably never imagined before. Sitting in my living room looking at some old pictures from Europe, I couldn’t help but smile just thinking about my Euro trip this year. From learning French in Nice to exploring more than 20 cities around Europe. Honestly, I never thought I’d make it back to Europe after my first visit in 2015 but I am glad life has a different plan so I get to visit so many places around the world, even those places I can’t really pronounce or never heard of. 

Last April I returned to one of my favourite countries, Spain. It all started with a great conversation and dinner I had with a beautiful soul I met in Berlin. He suggested me to visit Granada, Madrid, and Seville. Seville has been on my bucket list for a very long time so I thought I’m gonna do it this year and maybe visit few more new cities in Spain before heading to Portugal. Obviously it’s always good to be back in Spain, my favourite home away from home. Reminded me of the very first time I visited this country in 2015 where I had a wonderful opportunity to live in Mallorca for 3 months. Then, the more you visit Spain, the more this country will steal your heart. From good food to culture to architecture to sunshine, Spain never fails to amaze me…I told my friend in my next life I think I’d love to be half Indonesian and half Spanish. Simply because Spanish people know how to celebrate and enjoy life, they’re just so cool and humble! 

So if you’re thinking to visit Spain this December or next year and would love to experience something completely different and unique, here are 6 cities you should visit. Experience enchanting Granada, then be sure to visit Valencia ( and eat tons of pincho ), also go explore Mallorca and of course you can’t skip Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville! 






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  1. Lovely pictures! Spain looks fantastic for an exciting getaway. I might get a Visa for Spain and surpise my family with an international vacation. I hope they will enjoy and have a great time in Spain.