Thursday, August 1, 2019

Passion, Love and Life with Omyogana

Passion is what makes life interesting and worth living. I’m a firm believer if you just follow your passion, do what you love…love what you do, focus and work hard with a positive attitude, it will eventually lead you to opportunities even places you never thought before. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been incredibly blessed to do things I truly love. Even luckier to be surrounded by a bunch of strong, kind, passionate people who simply love life. They continuously inspire me to be a better person, to never stop improving myself. 

If I had to choose one person who inspires me most, that would be a good friend of mine Ana. I’ve known her since 2010. She’s a ray of sunshine. Strong. Bold. Fearless. When I see her, I see someone’s who passionate about life, about everything she does. She breathes life into whatever she touches. A kind of person who wants to see you win, who would celebrate and support you. Not only we’ve shared stage, meals, laughs, good and bad times together but the past 9 years have been truly an honor for me to grow together with her. To watch her evolution from a dancer/choreographer to a wife then a mother. A few years ago after she gave birth to her first son, Ana felt like little Nael gave her the strength to accomplish anything in life. Had been practicing yoga for years, Ana decided to take yoga teacher training courses in Paris and finally open up her own company Omyogana. Not only yoga has changed her life for the better, but also taught her the value of living with intention. My dear friend became a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, but doesn’t matter what her title - I know she’d continue to be an amazing mother, daughter, wife, friend, human being and bring positive changes in people’s lives. 

Last April when I visited her in Poilley, France I had a chance to join a couple of her classes and capture how she brings joy and lights into the class. Standing at the corner of the room watching Ana teach FitDance, her laugh and energy are sooo contagious. Before I left, we even did an impromptu yoga photoshoot near Mont Saint-Michel. Memories I’ll cherish forever, also a reminder that you have all the power to change your life…to reinvent yourself again. Be curious, be open-minded to try new things and always do your best in whatever you do…you never know where they’ll take you. 

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