Saturday, July 27, 2019

San Pedro y San Pablo, Peru

All my life, I just wanted to travel and take pictures of cultural festivals from all around the world. With camera in my hand, wearing linen shirt or loose top, comfy short and shoes - running around under the sun trying to capture the moments ( pretending to be NatGeo photographer ). I fell in love with the art of storytelling in photography when I first went backpacking around South East Asia in 2012. There’s just something beautiful about a picture that can say a million things, brings back the memories like a time machine. I’m still learning, still experimenting a lot with my camera and still trying to find my personal photographic style. I’m so happy earlier this year I visited Punakha Festival in Bhutan and few weeks ago I was super lucky to catch the parade of San Pedro y San Pablo in the old town of Lima, Peru. I don’t collect a lot of souvenirs from my trips except pictures, so to upload these photos on the blog mean a lot to me. Thank you Peru for making my dream come true. For such a warm welcome, an extravagant celebration of colour, love and diversity.

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