Monday, July 15, 2019

Huacachina, Peru

I’m going trekking for few days tomorrow morning so before I’m taking sometime off I thought I wanted to update the blog quickly. After spending around 10 days exploring Lima and Paracas, I was down with the flu for 3 days ( something that never happened to me before and obviously I hate being sick especially when you’re alone in foreign country ) so I decided to rest in Huacachina for 3 days. Thanks to Peru Hop for making my first trip in South America a lot easier than I thought. Not only I got discounts for accommodation and meals but also they organized most of my tours from vineyard visit to Nazca line to Ballestas island and sand boarding at Huacachina. But since I was unwell, I knew I had to slow down a bit and chose to join dune buggy tour. Funny I thought it was gonna be a chill, easy ride but our driver took us to what felt like a rollercoaster ride in Disney World. Me and few other travelers were screaming, laughing hysterically, holding each other hands and went completely silent as the sun went down. How lucky and blessed we are to be able visiting Peru and experiencing this magical moment in Huacachina. 

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