Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stockholm ( Part 1 )

How's everyone doing ?

Here's a little quick update from Stockholm. So happy and grateful to be here with my entire team to celebrate the growth and future of music, learn new things, lots of laughs under Sweden clear blue skies and ohhh so much more...including danced to Mark Ronson and Axwell ^ Ingrosso til 4.30 am continued with a little stroll around Gamla Stan / old town - which was the best decision ever ! It was early in the morning alone with the sunrise, I found Gamla Stan to be one of the most peaceful places in Sweden. I was really tired but at the same time just couldn't help myself in love with the architecture, details that you can find between little alleys, old shops, pretty windows and doors, plus no one was around - I could pretend the whole morning Gamla Stan was all mine and just like playing Alice in Wonderland, as usual I dreamt how it felt like to live in one of those old buildings, grow in a country that offers huge opportunities in music, design and many more. 

Now, speaking about opportunities... I couldn't be more excited to visit Paris and Italy next week to celebrate my birthday ! Look forward to celebrating life once again with you all, thank you for  the love and supports... 2016 is just another promising year with even more great things life has to offer.. for you and me.

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