Monday, May 2, 2016

There's a great big tomorrow, just a dream away

I don't really remember the exact time I wrote this post, a year ago in Bangkok ?! A personal little note to express my gratitude after been through the craziest journey for the past 12 months. It all started from dreams, imaginations and curiosity. Never thought those days I spent some time writing, drawing, thinking, trying to make a little progress no matter how slow - would actually bring me far into a year where dreams came true,  exploring 17 countries and more than 60 cities. It was a life-changing experience where I learnt to love myself better, be brave to do the hard things and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Take a stand and fight for what makes sense to you. Even when the road seems too rough, there's absolutely nothing about your present circumstances that prevents you from making progress. And always remember, the difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

I am thankful
for another beautiful year 
I am thankful for life's surprises, the tough times and challenges. For the strength and courage to continue, my bravery and the chance to grow, failures that only lead me to a better place, and love that heals all the pain. 

There's a great big tomorrow, just a dream away. 

Flashing back to my first week in Bangkok couple of months ago to visit my special people, continue to Chiang Mai then South East Asia trip. I was once dreaming to explore Asia from Bangkok, never thought that day would happen right after I finished my USA' West Coast and Euro trip. Those were the days I found myself staring at the sunset from my friend's apartment balcony, thinking there's huge opportunities waiting out there for me, only for me. Somewhere behind those skyscrapers or maybe back to New York City one day. It's not about the question how to get there, how am I gonna make it... but simply just have a little faith in the beauty of dreams. One step at a time. And funny, from the moment I left home to work in Florida ( even long time before that actually.. ) I knew the long road will eventually take me to live my dreams, over and over again.

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