Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Porto Colom, Spain

Back in Porto Colom, Spain. Well not physically, but mentally yes. I've spent 2 wonderful months in Mallorca this summer, it was everything I saw in the movie or magazines where European people went on summer holidays and they went crazy after months dress up  in layers like an Eskimo. I could totally understand that. While for me, born and raised in a tropical country like Indonesia where we're lucky to have the sun almost all year, it seems we don't really appreciate the summer heat, oh well..grass is always greener. I only have been to few places in Europe but I can convince you Mallorca is one of the best summer destinations, period. A lot bigger than Ibiza, the island has so many hidden paradise to explore, whether you just want to party or relaxing ( or both ), getting off from the plane or ferry in Palma, you can take TIB buses from Placa De' Espanya to different towns. I loved Porto Cristo because it's pretty busy and touristy, they have Saturday market, with various of beach bars and restaurants and we were lucky to live in an apartment next to the famous Cuevas Del Drach and only short walking distance to the beach, town center, my favorite secret bay, possibly everything I ever dreamed about summer in Europe. We visited Cala Rajada too, I found this town was more energetic and dynamic, saw a lot of young people. Then we moved to Porto Colom, less crowded but it was perfect to relax, they have few restaurants, unfortunately not a beach bar but I didn't complain as we met bunch of nice people, the beach Cala Marcal was just 15 minutes away from home and taking an excursion to explore the sea cave, kayaking or diving with Skualo could always be nice option to do. Always love dancing on the beach while watching sunset, now scroll down for few photos I took in Porto Colom, also read  How I Afford Travel for 6 months non-stop. 

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