Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Orleans

"...Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport"

Apologize for the delayed blog post about New Orleans. I'm trying my best to post regularly but what can I do when traveling schedule kept me busy on the road ? I was writing an article when I saw a good friend of mine posted on facebook about the best stories of life are found between the pages of a passport. I couldn't be more agreed with that. Then I took my passport, open every single page and each stamp there from different countries just like a time machine took me back to those good old days where I felt simply feel free, happiest and sexiest just being on the road. 

There’s a story behind every stamps, not only in my passport...but also yours. Do you remember those mix feelings between happy, sad, excitement, angry, love, nervous, disappointment, love, including lots of decisions you've made when you visiting new places in the past ? You reunited with someone you haven't seen for ages and it felt so good but then you had to say goodbye again, you kissed your parents goodbye and start a whole new adventure overseas, business trip, first-trip-ever overseas, or those holiday flings you had when you're backpacking in Asia, the amazing feeling words can't even describe when you enjoyed the beauty of nature and diversity makes life more interesting. I got my very first ever passport stamp when I was in high school,  won free trip to Singapore for 3 days. I jumped like crazy - really excited to experience what's Singapore like in my own eyes. And then you know - it changed the way I see life overall. As I grow and travel more often, I became curious, independent, open-minded, love myself better and confident on my own skin, but talk about the best story so far behind the passport stamps ? Man, it's really hard to choose but I'd say my birthday trip to Vietnam - Cambodia few years ago left really special mark in my heart. What about you ? It's funny to look back on those days where I had no idea what to do with my life but I knew I just wanted to see the world and then we found ways and next thing we knew... we're back on the road again, catching flights, capture all the good moments, etc, etc,..
So it's almost A YEAR now I live in Florida. Life's good, I'm glad I did my best to manage visiting other cities, and here's another unique and pretty little city New Orleans that you must experience while visiting USA - a 12 hours bus journey from Orlando by Megabus, stayed for 2 nights with India Hostel at 123 South Lopez Street ( $20 / night for dorm rooms ), strategically located close to the city and New Orleans main attractions. You can purchase one day pass RTA bus or streetcar for $3, explore what they called oh-so-New Orleans.. very rich of culture, color, food and music ( even New Orleans doors are too pretty to ignore ), take your time gettin lost and fall in love with every details you'll find from French Quarter, Jackson Square, City park, Canal Street,  the museums, bars at Bourbon street, delicious beignet  et cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde  , voo-doo and vintage shops, and many more. 

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