Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Fine Day

Oh Sydney... 
It was a perfect day, perfect weather, perfect companion, ...including a perfect goodbye. 
I've been meaning to post this for a long time, it's just whenever I started to write, I seemed can't find the perfect words to describe about that one fine Saturday in Sydney, but of course looking back at the photos, they could easily bring back the smile, heartbeat, and what made me feel like the happiest girl on earth. 

Have you ever had a day when...everything was perfect, nothing went wrong. You found yourself so alive, incredibly happy, complete, you felt alright, smiled and laughed a lot, ugh maybe that butterfly feeling on your tummy or your heart beats so fast. Kinda wish for once I could stop the time cos one day might not enough, it ended too soon but then I was really glad it actually happened just for..say, 24 hours.

Cinderella Man showed up on time in front of my hotel. Standing tall in his dark blue shirt and creme colored pants, smiling big and gave me a hug before we walked into his car. He excitedly told me the tour would start from Paddington market, then Bondi Beach, Darling Harbor, sushi for dinner, cocktails at Cohibar, little karaoke session ( those 90's oldies but goodies songs ) while waiting for the fireworks starts at 9pm at Darling Harbor, continued with a jazz night at one of his favorite bars. All sound so perfect, but mostly I was  happy to catch up with him after haven't seen each other for like 3 years. 

He's been doing great, juggling between his music, art, film and architecture study... still the same passionate and fun loving guy I knew. Simply couldn't help loving the way he explained me about architecture, the history behind some buildings we saw in the city, his study in New York, music, travel, food, even some unique handicrafts and paintings that has stolen his attention at Paddington market.  Done with the market, he took me to an old building with a small garden inside it ( wish I remembered the name ) where he used to spend sometime playing there when he was a lil kid. Seriously it was such a simple joy to sit there, drinking the lemonade while sharing thoughts and pointed out at a lil boy who fell down and how he managed himself to stand up again - it was just like us who tried to get back on our feet again after several failures.

To be honest, I don't even know why I wanted to write this so bad in my blog, I don't normally share personal stuff ( my ex even complained I didn't write his name at one of my posts here, well past is past babe..) but since I started writing for magazines and travel websites, I like to use the opportunities to express what was on my mind, apart of sharing tips and travel info of course. Afterall, it's all about a girl traveling the world, she's independent, curious, bubbly, confident, she loves to meet people, she falls in love, she can fall, pick herself up and go on. 

He was a part of my trip, the photos somehow  reminded me of all the fun things we did together. We didn't expect anything, we had fun and really enjoy each other's company - from sharing gelatto and chips on the beach, watching circus show after fireworks at Darling Harbor, laughing at a lil girl who's trying to do cartwheel and at the same time whipped her hair back and forth, conversation where we see ourselves in the next 5 years from now, dream jobs and how we supported each other for our next steps.  I remembered we just finished our dinner and I had to stop and just watching his back for a second realizing that..damn, this guy knew how to deal with me, he's everything I ever wanted. I loved how he answered my questions, shared his opinions, came up with random things. I mean being thousand miles away from home just to find 'a new home' that made me so relax, complete and perfect even tho just for a while, but then reality kinda slapped me - it was a wrong timing, in the end of the day we gotta let it go, and continue our own journeys. 

One fine day with Cinderella Man just...more than enough to me.

Thank you, Cinderella Man..

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