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Dance Your Little Heart Out with ... Anna Dupont !

Serengeti Show

There's nothing’s sexier than a confident, independent, strong and bubbly woman who decided to leave her hometown to travel the world, chase her dreams. She is a warrior of light, one of those amazing women out there, with a big heart, desire and the guts to pack her stuff, travel to find herself and never look back. While she finds herself at her happiest right on the center stage, under the spotlight, wearing beautiful costumes, directing lots of shows and performing together with her dancers, she has big missions here  : not only to entertain people from all over the world, but also to make all those dreams come true.  Meet Ana Dupont, a choreographer and art director coming all the way from France. I met her back in 2010 when I was working in Malaysia, it was really an honor to be one of her dancers. Been traveling for years and now based in Jakarta, Ana is ready to contribute for Indonesian entertainment industry. 

Looking back at some photos taken in Malaysia, I kinda hate to admit I was never a real good dancer. All I knew, few years ago when I watched videos of those amazing dancers doing cancan in Moulin Rouge Paris, I couldn't help myself dreaming to be...just like them. You know, dance on the stage with feathers, headpiece, big skirts, beautiful costumes.  I didn't know how to get there, but somehow it was always fun to dream and picture myself with other dancers entertaining people, what was it like to feel nervous before the show started, a little panic moment when you can't find safety pin for your costumes, to perform in front of people you never meet, etc. And snap !! Dreams do come true. Not so long after that, I met this petite lady on the backstage. She smiled and introduced herself to us, as our new choreographer. She brought new music, movements, energy, happiness, passion...even possibility to us. Scroll down for a little interview I did with my favorite lady...

Where were you born ?My name is Anna DUPONT, i come from France, and was born in small town called SAINT-JAMES, in Normandy (North-West of France)  

First job ?

I will always remember my first job, I was 16 years old and i had the rights to work during summer holiday, so i was really excited. In July 1996 I've been hired by an hospital specialized in physical and mental disables...One of the best experience that make you realize about humanity, sharing attachment and courage. In this job i had to wake up the 8 persons i was in charge of, to make them take shower, even sometimes to wash them and dress them. After this, we had some activities organized with them, preparing the lunch, eat and/or feed them and in the afternoon other activities or having a walk outside...When my contract came to the end i couldn't stop crying as this experience was so amazing...  

First time on stage ? Did what ?

My first time on stage for my first show was in 1992 or 1993. I was 12 or 13. First year for me to take dance class and to produce a show in front of an audience...Such a great memory as i shared it with my friends and my sister. The theme of the show was 1st part "GREASE" and second part "free"  

Pirate Show

When did you find yourself very first time fall in love with dancing ? And centerstage ?
When i started dancing, it was just for fun! Having an activity with my friends was more important than the real activity. My teacher was english Miss Picken, ballet background and she had an assitant Valérie Berhault, also ballet background. Soon Valerie took the company in charge and i totally falled in Love with dance modern jazz, discovering and learning more, wanting more, improving more...
Since then Valérie has always been MY dance teacher. THE one that you can never forget. She had all the skills to become a great dancer and great teacher in big cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille; but she chose to stay in those small cities and share her passion of dance in these small towns where we didn't have big dance school or company...From 1992 until now i have had the chance to become closer to her (as now she is one of my best friends), to share the passion, to want to become a dance teacher and choreographer aswell.

The special moment i will never forget was in 1997. Every week, the only thing i was waiting for was my dance class...As usual we do our warm up, our rehearsal for the show and done the time was over i had to wait for another week. But that day she asked me to stay at the end of the class and she told me that she wanted to have a special group, that would train more, would do more shows here and there and would be involved more. And she just asked me if i wanted to join that special group...

I didn't know that day that my life would change forever and dance would have such an important meaning for my balance.

Me and Ana :) for Formidable Show

When did you leave your hometown for your choreographer job ?
I left hometown in 1999 not to become choreographer but for my studies. I continued dancing with Valérie but get the chance to take contemporary classes, hip-hop classes and fitness classes aswell with other teachers, other Technics, and that was interesting as well to get another approach and open my mind.

In that time i was really into fitness as i decided to stop my studies in University in languages to become fitness instructor (it took me 3 years to get the diploma, as in France everything dealing with the body is taken very seriously) During that time i had only eyes, power and love for fitness world, but i never really stopped dancing, i even became assistant of Valerie and replacing her while she was pregnant (my first love was always on my mind)

So the real time i became choreographer was in 2007, when i get the chance to work for CLUB MED company all around the world.

What was your all time favorite / best moment ?
My best moments???? there are so many but if i had to talk about one, it would be my second real creation "ADOONA PURA" because even though i had to deal with non professional dancers i felt all the emotion that i was looking for... a dream became true, the eyes of the performers and the audience were shining so bright....

Any embarrassing moment on stage ?
There is always an embarrassing moment.......hahah. This one was in cherating beach in 2011, the show was "FORMIDABLE" (typical french show with feathers, famous "cancan"...i had to get dressed from feathers costume to "cancan" costume. In the costume room something happened with one of my dancers, so as i get changed i was taking care of the matter and i forgot to put "the panties" under my skirt....i just realized it on stage and while i had to do a hands stand in front of my partner i was telling him "I forgot to put my panties"...It was a funny moment actually because anyway "show must go on" whatever happens. Even the audience took part of the mishap and just clapped more in the hands....

What was your favorite show ?
This is a question that i would rather ask to my dancers. Where, when and why did they have more fun and pleasure to do this kind or this kind of show...Because my only matter is their pleasure and audience's pleasure.

What’s your goal ?
To make dancers shine on stage.

Where do you find yourself at your happiest ?
When i have dancers ( usually beginners) and i see the evolution, the improvement of each of them, when i see their smiles, their happiness to get involved, when i see their excitement. Watching them happy make me happier than them

How do you get your inspiration creating new show ?
LIFE inspires me. Special moment, special song, special mood, commercials, movies, books...when i get inspiration nothing can stop me...But sometimes it can take long time to get inspired and even to create. One of my creation "ADOONA PURA"(a show about life from procreation to death) took me 2 years to create. So i don't force myself, i just let the right time comes by itself and usually it works ;)

Scenes from Adoona Pura show

Are you going to create any new show, soon ?
I will, i want, that is my the best i can do in this world: to create....many ideas, many styles... but i usually keep quiet while i'm creating and when all is clear in my mind then i don't stop talking about it....

What’s your next step ?
My next step is actually to work in STEPS DANCE ACADEMY in Jakarta, a new dance school in Jakarta pusat.When i arrived here I get to meet many people in dance and show world in Jakarta, thanks to my friend Gyscha who guided me. And then i meet Dewi Andriansyah the executive director of this dance company. And my first impression was a good one as i felt we had and have the same energy, and willing to make something change, something new, something big. it might be big dreams, ambitions, surrealism....but i was also told that here in Indonesia, nothing is impossible and i love let's make dreams come true, let's bring all this into our dancers soul and fantasy into our audience mind.

If you could choose any other great choreographer or entertainer to work with, choose who, why ? what would you do with him ?
MMMMmmmmm......that's a good question... I usually have to meet first and feel the others' energy. I wish to work with whoever has the same passion for dancers, technicians (lights, sounds, costumes and stage designers, without them the show loses life), stage performances, audience. I wish to work with people who dare to try everything, using all sort of arts but who are perfectionist, even if too much....I love meeting new people, artist, share our skills and follow the same path with the same force...

Any last word… ?
Thank for all those questions that made me think about where i'm coming from and all the memories. And for all of you who get to read this interview; If you are dancers: Never stop dancing!!!! If you are non-dancers: it's never late to start.

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