Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blue Mountains

    I would like to wholeheartedly thank every single person I met in Sydney  for all those good times, laughs, city tour, great night out, food, one perfect Saturday with Cinderella Man, and great stay with Bounce Hotel and YHA Railway..
    Had my last coco pops and toast for breakfast at the dining room of YHA Railway before out for a quick morning walk around Belmore park. Well, gotta admit after spending a week in Sydney and completely fell in love with the city, people, the parks, lovely neighborhood at Bondi, it's really hard to leave but pretty excited too for my next destination would be Katoomba, Blue Mountains- a perfect getaway escapade only 2 hours journey by train from Central station to Katoomba ( AUD$8.40 single trip ). You can click Sydney Trains  for more info about timetables, maps and fares. 
    Arrived in Katoomba, I simply couldn't help loving Katoomba street, the old shops, bars, cafe, even old couples walking in the sidewalks. Quiet, cold, lovely neighborhood with some unique and colorful old houses...Found myself smiling, wow...I made it here ! In my mind was this conversation I had with my best friend long time ago in a coffee shop, we were talking about our ambitions, dreams, jobs and obviously our next travel destinations, it's funny when most of our friends are busy organizing their weddings and convinced us to settle down, have kids, etc, me and Eno prefer to purchase our flight tickets and travel, to dream big, even tho we didn't know how we're gonna get jobs in Scandinavia and New York, but there will always be some ways to get there. Few auditions and interesting projects are waiting at home, but meanwhile after walking around 20 minutes along the Katoomba street, I've finally found the Echo Point as the main gate of Blue Mountains. Such a simple joy to sit there for hours,  sharing pizza and wine with my 2 guys. Back to Blue Mountains YHA ( $32 for dorm room / night ) around 5.30 pm, while most of the shops closed early, we decided to order another Dominos pizza for dinner, chill in the hostel and sleep early, recharge myself before tomorrow morning reunited again with The Browns and off for our road trip around New South Wales.

As cold as your ex's heart

The girl decided to have a big and sweeet breakfast at Katoomba
Blue Mountains YHA, Katoomba

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