Saturday, July 27, 2013

Local traveling? New kind of tourism hits Indonesia ..

    During conversations among travelers, it immediately becomes clear that everyone is looking for authentic travel experiences. The real experience is about “going where the locals go, eating what the locals eat and doing what the locals do”. Difficulties with finding these things in your touristic information booklet? It will be much easier if you have local friends who are eager to show you their community.

     Well, good news on the travel front. There is a new kid in town ready to give you the authentic local experience! Withlocals is a platform where locals and tourists are connected through food and experiences. Locals can offer tours, workshops and even home dinner experiences directly to tourists. How amazing would it be if you could take a side-street off the beaten tourist track, and knock on a local’s front door? Imagine having a typical Indonesian home dinner together with a local family, or learning how to prepare your own Sate Padang. The idea is simple, travelers can taste the real food for a cheaper price and get a chance to see the culture of the locals up-close. The hosts can set up their own prices and make new friends all over the world by simply using skills they already have, such as preparing authentic homemade meals.

     Apart from delicious home dinner restaurants, locals can also decide to take tourists along on a tour or activity. After all, locals are the experts of their community. Teach a tourist to drive a Tuk Tuk, play badminton like a local, make your own batik or carve beautiful figures out of fruit.

     Withlocals will kick off in Indonesia. After this, the organization will expand to other countries in Asia. Got excited? If you want to become a host and take part in the mission to redesign the tourism industry, visit the website of Withlocals and subscribe for the first launch in September!

Clay time at F.Widayanto Depok
India Wells riding buffalo with locals in Bogor

Teaching Mike how to eat fish and rice with his hands



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