Saturday, June 22, 2013

Khao San Road and D&D Inn

Democracy Monument
My best friend lost her passport just 10 hours before our flight to Bangkok. We have planned everything ( well actually she planned everything ) from accommodation, itineraries - including my birthday dinner.It was such a shame I ended up flying solo. Traveling solo actually isn't a big deal for me as I've done that many times and always met lots of people, but this idea of 2 bff exploring Bangkok together, celebrating my birthday - aww seriously they all sounded too good for me. Anyway, Ricil going to make a new passport on Monday and we're gonna travel together sometime in August. 

Nowwww reporting live from Khao San Road - Bangkok, I arrived last night, had a lil adventure getting into Khao San Road - without taxi. For me airport has always been adventure no.1 when it comes to travel to new places. I hardly do research and always prefer to take public transportation, it's even more exciting when i dont actually speak the language. So I asked the airport officer and they told me to catch the shuttle bus from the Gate 5, it's free and the shuttle bus will take you to public transportation.

In the public transportation area, after asking different people how to get to khao San road, they told me to take white mini van number 551 for only 40 baht. I met couples from Germany and Russia and together we found out how to accomplish this mission to get to Khao San Rd. 
The mini van stopped nearby the Victory Monument, with a broken english the driver told us to accross the street and catch bus number 59. 10 minutes later the big bus number 59 arrived ( 20 baht ) and less than 30 minutes we arrived near the Democracy monument, just next to Khao San Road.

Khao San Road reminds me of Patong, Pham Ngu Lao in Vietnam. Backpackers favorite stop in Bangkok. Super loud music, backpackers drinking beers, partying, local restaurant and ahhh my favorite street food ( happy to have 30 baht mango sticky rice and another 30baht for Pad Thai ), with local people selling stuff from clothes to souvenirs. Always good to see different vibes in different countries. Then I saw this D&D Inn, staying in a standard room- very clean with AC, toilet, rooftop swimming pool, tv for only 600baht per night. Including free breakfast buffet !!! Exactly what all backpackers need in this summer yayy

So here I post some photos from Khao San Road and the room in D&D Inn. Its unbelievably amazing how things are cheaper in Bangkok than Phuket. You don't have to go to any restaurants, simply because the street food offers excellent meals. Will post soon about transportation and places around Khao San Road, stay tuned

Street food at Khao San Road

Rooftop pool at D&D Inn

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