Friday, May 17, 2013

Pulau Tidung & Pulau Semak Daun

Pulau Semak Daun
We brought you back some postcards from Pulau Seribu, or Thousand Islands - Jakarta !  Feel free to check my previous blog post about Pulau Semak Daun Just Another Trip to Semak Daun Island back in 2009 when we just graduated from high school. Very happy to had a chance visiting this small island in Pulau Seribu again last week. Hekris Akwilla knew  I've been craving for beach, so the idea to leave Jakarta on Saturday morning to Pulau 1000, taking the fast boat CitraJet, leaving every 8.30 am from the new harbour in Muara Angke - North Jakarta,  only one hour and a half journey ( Rp 100.000 one way, not that expensive and pretty fast ) just perfect if you want to enjoy some sun, snorkeling or just chill, away from this big city and Monday-Friday routines. We even did a little photoshooting, made it to Pulang Tidung, Pulau Panggang, Pulau Pramuka and Pulau Semak Daun Island.

CitraJet boat stops at Pramuka Island then Tidung Island. As we've never been to Tidung Island before so we decided to check what's on the island. Tidung island is great if you want to do some water sports like banana boat, jetski etc, easy walk at the bridge, you can find lots of guest houses there so don't worry about accommodation, prices pretty cheap too starting from Rp 100.000 per night. But it's kind of difficult to rent a fisherman's boat to do island hopping so when we saw a fisherman going back to Pulau Panggang, I didn't think twice to jump into the boat and the captain didn't mind to take us to Semak Daun Island. Bring back the good memories when Will, Bram, Riza, Andret and I went there...5 years ago. Nothing changed with the island, we went camping there and very happy waking up next to the quiet beach with a rainbow in the blue sky.

Pulau Semak Daun

Semak Daun island
Pulau Tidung
Jembatan Cinta "Pulau Tidung"
Pulau Tidung

It was so good to sit at the fisherman's wooden boat in the middle of the ocean, I felt closer to the sky, the breeze and how warm the sun touched my face. Watching the sun rises and set definitely a magical moment I don't wanna miss from traveling.

Sunset at Semak Daun Island

Good morning Jakarta from Muara Angke new harbor
Muara Angke in the morning
Muara Angke this morning

Pelabuhan Muara Angke

CitraJet from Muara Angke to Tidung Island Rp 100.000 one way
Seriously it's good that they now have the fast boat from  the new harbour in Muara Angke to Pulau Seribu. The new harbor seems safe for you to park your car there, more organized than the old harbor, they even put the boat schedule which if you miss the 8 am boat, you still can catch the 8.30 am and 11.00 am. Again, our weekend trip was very cheap, the fast boat always better and super convenient, happy to bring home some good photos for the blog.

CitraJet : Rp 100.000 / one way

Rent one fisherman's boat from Pulau Panggang to Semak Daun, then the next morning they will pick us up and drop to Pulau Pramuka where next you can catch a boat / CitraJet back to Jakarta at 12.00
Rp 150.000

Small tip for Semak Daun island's keeper Rp 50.000

Bring your own food or snack, or buy the meals from the local restaurant costs Rp 10.000 - Rp 30.000