Sunday, May 26, 2013

InstaGoodies : Vesak at Borobudur 2013

       On the night train back to Jakarta. It's almost 1 am, everyone fall asleep after a busy weekend in Magelang, Borobudur temple for the Vesak day. Got some good music here in my Ipod, just a perfect companion in a quiet night when I seem to be the only girl in the train wide awake at this hour. Feeling exhausted after a non-stop walking since Saturday morning I arrived in Yogyakarta, rush from one place to another since we only got 2 days here, bring home tons of photos and stories to's all about the good days at Goa Pindul where we went cave-tubing, rafting and off-road, continue to Magelang...for an amazing experience with AmanJiwo Resort, the parade and how...geez, I can't even find the right words to describe about this Vesak ceremony in Borobudur temple. Unbelievable lots of people from different places came there just to see the was exactly like watching a concert, it took me an hour to get in the temple. Hundreds of photographers with their DSLR cameras capturing every moments from early morning 4.30 sunrise at Punthuk Sitempu, the parade til the ceremony. My eyes caught some girls excited to take pictures with the monks, some visitors sit between people praying...and busy taking photos. That's pretty sad that the ceremony was meant to be very sacred for Buddhist celebrating Vesak, but some people seemed to be selfish and didn't respect the ceremony. Too busy taking photos that they forgot Vesak wasn't an entertainment or show.
       Going to write more about this once I get home, in the mean time, here's some Instagoodies from Yogyakarta...

The parade
Yogyakarta ? Or China ?
Cave tubing at Goa Pindul
Aman Jiwo
Aman Jiwo
Enjoying life

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