Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have posted 2 new articles from my previous Phuket trip that you're all more than welcome to read : Phuket InstaGoodies and a hotel review Club Med Phuket, hope the info helps if you're planning to visit Phuket soon.
Speaking about what to do, where to go, budgets etc in Phuket, this post will tell you what did I do last week there. If you're on budget traveling to Thai, it will cost you for minimum $ 10 - $ 15 per day ( meals & accomodation ), but of course it really depends on how good you are at managing your budgets.  I went to Phi Phi Island with Club Med’s excursion. The good news it was free. We left at 7.30 am, exploring the island and came back at 5.30pm. Went to Reggae Bar after that to have dinner and see the sunset. If  you guys planning to do some excursions, don’t worry cos Phuket has so many tour operators offer half day trip to Phi Phi Island, Racha Noi island and many more. The tour package cost you around 1500THB - 2400 THB, normally it's including transfer from hotel, lunch, boat, and snorkeling equipment. And speaking about nightlife, like what everyone would recommend you to go to Patong and Rawai beach to try the party scenes in Phuket. Grab cold beers at the Aussie Bar at Patong, or watch interesting ping pong show – why not ?
Kata beach
Phi Phi island
dinner with Molin at Reggae Bar. Make sure to come there to check the sunset
Reggae Bar
My friends took me to Big Buddha, Kathu Waterfalls which not so far from the Phuket International Airport, and on the other night, they took me to Green Table restaurant and  Red Table restaurant to try some Thai dishes. Both are located near Kata Road, they have really good ( and pretty cheap ) Thai food like beef salad, tom yam soup, Thai fried rice and many more. Food at local restaurant will cost you from 50THB ( $1 ) to 250THB ( $7 ).

Big Buddha
Patong at night
At Chalong Pier, on the way to Racha Noi Island. The boat leaves at 9 am.
Kathu Waterfalls
I found it really interesting as it was my very first experience watching the movies at cinema in Thailand, that the moment when they play the national anthem just before the movie started, we all have to stand up to give some respect. There were only 6 people in the cinema ( including me and my friend ), he said if some people don’t stand up during the national anthem, people will kick them out of cinema. ( movie tix : 120THB )
We know that things are pretty cheap and easy in Thailand. Perfect beaches, with lots of budgets hostels til five star hotels, wide selections of culinary and shopping. While tuk tuk costs you 300THB from Kata road to Patong, i guess it'll be easier and cheaper if you rent a motorbike during your stay in Phuket. Speaking about whats new in Phuket, is there any new fun activities to do apart of snorkeling and partying ? YES ! I would love to recommend you to try the flying trapeze with MACA ( Mid Air Circus Arts  I was very happy to see Ben Martin again, a friend of mine who’s running this circus school with Adam Lambert. Both have over 20 years combined involvement with circus and have performed and taught around the world. Was going to write a review here about the circus school programs, but they’re about to move to the new and bigger location.  They will update soon about their new location, make sure to check out their website or facebook pace   to find out more info about classes or programs they offer.