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It all started from dreams...

Here’s the sneak peek of upcoming blog post :
Another recommendations where to go in Indonesia !

We're gonna take you to Jakarta, Green Canyon - Pangandaran Beach & Batu Karas in West Java
til the beautiful Belitung Island on the east cost of Sumatera in Java Sea, Indonesia.
Hope all the info I'm going to write here will help you to plan your trip easier exploring Indonesia
Belitung Island
Pangandaran Beach

Green Canyon - Indonesia

...And of course leaving to Thailand on Wednesday to keep you guys updated what's new in Thai,
hotel and food testing, and many more. Very excited to write and share ! Stay tuned
@ ... Happy travels !

Phi Phi Island, Phuket... Can't wait to go back there again next Wednesday !

No one wants the same experience and I’m sure most of us loving to try new things cos
staying in the comfort zone is simply boring. Had this thoughts coming across my mind
and would love to share with you all, every single episodes of life made it such a fun journey.

Balinese Dance

Dream big and believe, my love…”said my mum when I was a little girl, which she was right, all these great things happened to me, including chances to travel here and there, career, meeting amazing people and pretty sure more bigger and better things coming on my way, they all just started from dreams. I remember when I was in elementary school, came home with this brochure of summer school in New York, told my mum how I really wanted to go there, and how I really wanted to be a TV presenter or a real entertainer, ah you know the moment where you just can’t wait to grow up and smell all those dreams come true. And when those dreams seem so close to you that your hands could almost reach it, but actually still so far away, she always remind me to never give up on my dreams, optimist, positive, work hard and believe I can make it happen. Being negative and complaining all the time won’t bring you anywhere.
So practically I live every single days building and working on my dreams. What I want to be, where I want to go, with what kind of persons I want to live or work with, what’s next for me, etc, we’re free to design our own lives. Believe that I’m on my way to get there and to be surrounded by positive and optimist people makes life and dreaming even easier. From just small pieces of imagination in my head about performing on the stage until traveling the world, they grow bigger and voila…dreams do come true everyday !
But not for some people, I guess.. I had this small conversation with my tuk tuk driver in Cambodia. He told me he didn’t have any dreams, he just prefer not to dream about anything. To earn money for living was already hard for him, it sounded like dreaming was something expensive. Or he might just too afraid if he can’t make his dreams come true and ended up himself disappointed again.
Every trip always teach me something. To be grateful, to appreciate things, to dream more…I feel so lucky to have chances working with creative, positive, and passionate people creating fun shows and entertaining people from all over the world back when I was working in Malaysia, then on the other days working with creative radio producers, even today at the Australian company I’m working at, my boss and colleagues really look after me. Juggling between work meetings, couple of projects, traveling and having fun with friends, plus my new hobby blogging ( since a month ago and the response about Travelagys is pretty good so far ) so yeaaah I’m very haaaapppy :D. Thank you for dropping by at Travelagys. 

Gentile Organisateur act at Pirates Show

Before the show

 Jungle Girls vs Pirates

Masquerade Casanova Show @ Bali by GO Summer 2009

 Photos by Bernard Genauzeau

Our beloved choreographer at Formidable show

Formidable. Love the costume, lights, and stage

Gentile Organisateur doing the evening show :)

 Serengeti Show

 Can Can with Bright

 evening show

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