Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Runaway Bride

       These photos were taken 2 years ago when I was still working in Cherating Beach - Kuantan, Malaysia, by a professional and talented photographer, Bernard Genauzeau. The idea of runaway bride photoshoot came up in my mind as I’ve always wanted to dress up as a bride in her white wedding gown runaway along the beach. Then Bernard just like a fairy with his magic wand ( camera ) made my dream came true.
        Nove, my roomie, would join us this time for the photo shoot session. We set up the alarm at 4 am just so we could take our time to prepare everything from costume, hair, make up, even a small breakfast. I didn’t want to disappoint Bernard again, as the week before I made appointment with him for photo shooting, I was sooo late and let him waiting on the beach.  
        Nove made playing the dress up that morning even more interesting. Since she was a costume designer so she had all the access to crash into the costume room and pick any accessories I need for the photo shooting. She also did my hair, helped me out with the big white tutu skirt and white corset I bought from QueenChloset.com, as for herself she dressed up as this dark evil or queen wearing black top combined with black skirt and gloves.
At 5.30 am, we met Bernard on the beach. He took us to the edge of Cherating Beach. Perfect location ! There was a cave and big rocks, loving the sound of the wave and  weather. As Bernard ready capturing magic pictures with his camera, I started running along the beach carrying my shoes and skirt while enjoying the morning breeze,  felt incredibly happy and free like a bird. Meanwhile Nove showed her strong, dark, sexy character. It was such a lovely morning, me and Nove couldn’t be more happier. Thank you Bernard for the amazing pics…

Gyscha Revrita Rendy

By Bernard Genauzeau

Runaway bride photoshoot
Gyscha Revrita Rendy for Runaway Bride, Cherating Beach

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