Monday, November 19, 2018

30 Before 30

“I went around the world, because in the end, it was just a little further. Because time ceased to exist, and the fleeting moments of chance encounters along the way were the only thing that mattered.”

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year! What has been the highlight of your year so far? For me, 2018 has been incredibly special, also challenging. From hiking Table Mountain, South Africa on my birthday to visiting Hawaii, Japan and Norway for the first time, and I even got to perform on stage with some of my favorite pole dancers last July, I’m so grateful most of my dreams have come true this year. Sometimes I have to pinch myself every time I visit new places, meet new people on the road or simply just having a quiet moment to reflect on the past, HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY? While 2017 taught me A LOT about self love, this year life taught me more about letting go. Letting go of control, toxic people in your life, some opportunities that unfortunately not meant to be yours, someone you love, things you don’t really need, expectations, comforts, doubts, worries, etc. And instead trust the process, allow life to happen. The moment you find the courage to let go, you’ll start receiving miracles. Talking about miracles, below are some of my favorite pictures from 30 countries I’ve been fortunate enough to visit. Every picture tells a story, a dream. I’m so happy to see not only my photography is improving but also I get to reinvent myself all the time through good and bad times for the past 8 years. The truth is, you find yourself when you travel. It took me a while to decide my top 5 favorite countries but I’d say: Indonesia, Italy, Nepal, Myanmar and South Africa. What’s on my bucket list? Bhutan, Peru ( basically South America ), Africa, New Zealand, India and maaaany more. A girl can dream.


South Africa

























Hong Kong


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Copenhagen Express

Flashing back to my first time visiting Copenhagen last October. Another checked off my bucket list! Even though I was there for less than 24 hours, too short to experience everything but certainly it won't be my last. I’ve always wanted to visit Denmark since I watched The Danish Girl. And moment like this when you finally get to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world that once you could only see on television or internet reminds me again you have the power to turn your dreams into reality. I was walking around Nyhavn and asked myself what a 29 year old Indonesian woman doing here in COPENHAGEN? 10 years ago I was just a college girl who wanted to travel and work for the biggest entertainment company in the world. Creating cool things that matter with people from all around the world. Didn’t know how to get there, didn’t even know anyone in the industry. But you gotta start somewhere, start small. My first job ever was a tour guide at this expatriate community in Jakarta. I’m pretty sure I came to the job interview that day with energy like I just had 10 Red Bull, 100% confidence, passion for culture and tourism also huge smile on my face. But despite of my zero experience in tourism or hospitality, the owners decided to hire me. They opened the first door for me to experience what it’s like to work in an international environment. Some afternoons between breaks I’d sneak out to the post office to send my demo reels to televisions in America. Mind you, this was more than 10 years ago so post office was still a thing and most of the companies still ask for demo reels in CDs :) I was sooo excited like a little girl getting sweet treats just to imagine maybe Mr.Postman would send my letters to the right people, then maybe I’m going to get the job. I thought since nobody knows me so the first thing I should do: put yourself out there. Only God knows what happened to all my letters but I just love this entire magical journey of creating your own life, reinventing yourself. 

10 years later ( still the same girl with this energy like I just had 10 Red Bull ) every time I think about it, it never fails to amaze me how some people can really trust you and with arms wide open they give you opportunities, room to grow and explore ( shout out to all my special people, you know who you are). One thing leads to another, or they also call it connecting the dots. I learn we don’t always end up at places or get things we want, but all failures show me what’s meant to be will always find a way. Delays are sometimes God’s plan, there’s a right timing for everything. I’m still working on my biggest dream, forever curious, still creating and sending my work out there. Except this time, no more envelopes and post office but just bigger imaginations, bigger ideas…don’t know how to get there, don’t know where life will take me next but I believe just like how life surprisingly take me to Copenhagen or other places I never thought I’d visit, and so they will also open the doors to more beautiful things in life. Better than I ever plan for myself.