Friday, November 18, 2016

A life worth celebrating

I'm coming home... tell the world i'm coming home...

Flashing back to my last day working at Disney World few years ago, I told myself Disney was just the beginning. There was no doubt at all the next episode will be even bigger and better. Of course it was hard to leave my little family back in Orlando and all the sweet routines ( like fireworks, festival of Lion King, Epcot food & wine, rollercoaster ride, etc.. ), I mean how the hell am I supposed to deal with the real world after a wonderful life in Disney World ? But princess has to grow up. Just like Rapunzel always wanted to leave her tower, well I wanted to grow too. I wanted to meet new people, see new places, create something cool, work with interesting people to make dreams come true, have a new home, dress up and catch train to work. Adult life. So it was just the right time for me to leave my comfort zone and start all over again. At the beginning many people asked me what's next, what am I gonna do after Disney ? Well obviously I had no idea, and I didn't feel like I need to prove or compete with anyone, all I knew I had this huge white canvas in front of me, with all space and time I ever needed to redesign my life again. It's ALWAYS exciting to start over.  Now that I could look back on the long journey I went through, my curiosity and love for life lead me from Orlando to more than 50 cities, across 3 continents, 22 countries, and ended up myself in Singapore. I couldn't be more proud of myself. And the best way to celebrate all victories ? Going home to the happiest place on earth...Disney World, where it all started. With Thanksgiving coming up soon ( well that's just a good excuse to eat Turkey ), I just want to be home with my favorite people, have a walk around Disney World,  revisit Winter Park, eat American food as much as I can, watch Wishes and the Festival of Lion King. Simply to remind myself again how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to live such an extraordinary life. 

Continue to fight for what's right, it is worth it.

If you can dream it, you can do it !

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Leiden, Netherlands...And A Year of Self-Discovery

Feeling all sorts of feels right now ; excitement, loved, lucky, nervous, exhausted, curious, extremely grateful...
I'm going back to the happiest place on earth tomorrow ! YAY ! But to be honest, traveling to the USA tomorrow means more than just a workation. Yes I am so lucky that I was a cast-member, spent a year hanging out with princesses at the Magic Kingdom while I knew so many people including my best friends wanted to go and have this dream vacation with their kids but they just don't have the opportunity yet. How lucky I am, seriously ! Going back to where it all started...Disney World, has been one thing that motivated me every single day to work harder and make it happen, even when things get tough, I will never forget the night where I found myself completely broken into pieces and almost giving up, fell asleep with tears, but I woke up to one email that changed my life forever. I knew that kind of moment when you feel things just fall apart will happen over and over again in your life. That's normal, c'est la vie, but life is also magical and miracles can happen every day even seconds if you believe it. So I chose to believe in the beauty of my dreams. And it was hope, faith, my best friends who made me stronger. The day when I left Orlando, I told myself one day when I finally get through everything and reinvent myself again, I would make my way back home where I learn to fly high... Where's home ? Orlando, Disney World. Right in Asia, at Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

Came back home this evening, I found myself standing in front of the mirror...all I could see was a better version of me. She is stronger, she is whole. Beautiful, sexy, confident, powerful, blessed, obviously always happy and she made it really far. Well, isn't what you tell yourself everyday in the morning that really matters ? 2016 has been a year of self discovery. To start all over again from scratch, to end a relationship with my best friend and chose to go my own way, to learn new things everyday, to finally unpack my bag, to love myself better and dance to my own beat. I vow to live fully in each moment. My Eurotrip last month was also a part of ( err...another ) celebrations : for life has been giving me wonderful things and big opportunities non-stop, a perfect health, huge amount of love, while I look forward each day to make another progress at work  and inspire people, I realized I need to slow down dan take a break. To constantly remind myself to live in appreciation and work on my personal and spiritual development.

I took a half day trip to Leiden after spending some days in Amsterdam. Leiden is best reached by train. Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam - the old city has not only museums, monuments, parks, but also great restaurants and bars ( food...always my highlight ). Sitting in the corner of cafe, sipping my coffee and having a slice of fruit tarts, I asked myself if one day I have a chance to move to the Netherlands, would I consider to live in Leiden ? Yes, definitely yes.  Very laid back, I love how cool and friendly Dutch people are, plus they have tons of Indonesian yepp, I can definitely survive living in the Netherlands. One day, one day.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Haarlem, Netherlands

I need to move around a bit. To shuffle my surroundings. To wake up in cities I don't know my way around and have conversations in languages I can't entirely comprehend. There's always this tremendous longing in my heart to be lost, to be someplace else, to be far far away from all of this.

I recently just got back from Europe. I thought after all the progress, small and big victories I made since earlier this year, I deserve a little break. I wanted to celebrate what I've achieved, clear my mind, inspire myself again with the many beautiful colors of life, dream a little bigger and come home with new goals. So I started my little adventure in Amsterdam, then visited little towns like Haarlem, Leiden, the Alsace region in France, Basel, Stuttgart and ended in Milan as usual ( ...just because Italy is always a good idea )  I was tired ( 7 countries in a month ?! Bring it on ! ), but not gonna lie, it was super cool to do different things and explore new places again.

A spontaneous half day trip to Haarlem ( only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam ) lead me to find not only a windmill, but also bunch of cafes and restaurants with ohh soo delicious cake and coffee.
I found the small old town of Haarlem was really pretty, quiet, just perfect especially if you need a little break from the crowds in Amsterdam.

Aaand there I was...incredibly happy wandering around a strange town under a clear blue sky. Simply immersing myself at the beauty of Haarlem.

Cheers to a life worth celebrating :)