Sunday, August 6, 2017

Taiwan Express

4 days 3 nights was definitely too short to explore Taiwan but perhaps that's enough to convince myself to return and explore more what Taiwan has to offer. I had no idea Taiwan has so many places to visit, from national park to mountain, and of course pretty cafes if you have a serious sweet tooth like me ( leave it to Taiwanese for perfect desserts ). Oh well while I hope it won't take me a very long time to get back there, at least this time I managed to visit Raohe street and Shilin night market, Jiufen and Xiangshan hiking trail. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

California Dreaming

I've always wanted to see things happen on a big scale.

How they produce Disney shows. How artists make music then produce albums.  How some people audition and get their big roles in Hollywood or Broadway. How fashion designers come up with creative ideas and turn those sketches into real pretty dresses. Or, how Cirque Du Soleil team turn imaginations into amazing shows and oh so much more. It's just so many cool things happening out there and some people are truly lucky to be a part of it. While it's always been quite clear to me from the beginning I want to pursue a career in entertainment industry, the only option left for me was if I really wanted to make it big then I had to find jobs overseas ( go big or go home, right ? ) I had no idea how, but little did I know something bigger was happening. From working at Club Med then Disney World, Orlando 2 years ago to my current job at one of the biggest music companies, I still found it hard to believe how much life has given me a lot of opportunities to travel the world, meet interesting people and even being a part of so many exciting projects I never thought I'd have a chance to experience in my life. They don't happen overnight, it's a long road but it's worth it.

Last June I decided to revisit and celebrate my birthday in California with my Brooke. We started the birthday trip in Las Vegas, went to see Backstreet Boys, Calvin Harris, Cirque Du Soleil 'Love', a day tour to Antelope Canyon then LA. Los Angeles still and will always be busy, hectic, but I won't deny a part how much I love the creative vibe LA has. Having brunch in a cafe only to find yourself sitting next to producers, writers, bunch of creative thinkers who talk about big projects. Ah just the kind of place I want to stay. Came back here after my first visit in 2015 not only brought so much memories but mostly I'm proud to return as the same person, only stronger and better than I was 2 years ago. I love how California sort of reminded me again on some personal goals I've been neglecting, am I getting closer to my dreams, what else I can improve. To dream big, stay humble, be patient, and always believe in myself even though things may not always easy. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Notting Hill

Pretending to be Anna Scott lost in Notting Hill, London hoping William Thacker would find her...or at least offer her a cup of tea with milk in a very thick British accent, please... But of course that only happens in Notting Hill movie. While in real life, I'm so lucky my company sent me to London last April for work. Thanks to my buddy Dodo for showing me around London including an afternoon in Notting Hill. The next day I set up my alarm so early at 6 am, took a train back to Notting Hill and managed to capture images of the empty street.  

Kelly Street, Kentish Town

If you wondering what else to do in London... definitely hunting the city's prettiest streets. Especially if you love photography, be sure to visit Kelly Street in Kentish Town, Bywater Street in Chelsea and of course Notting Hill. Can't wait to return hopefully this September to capture more what the city has in store for me.