Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Pai

Pai is Always Falling in Love
Little town Pai located in the northern province of Mae Hong Son, Thailand, or just three hours away from Chiang Mai became famous among tourists since the release of the film Pai In Love in 2009 , followed by another movie Lost in Thailand. People said they never really expect themselves to fall in love with this little town, until they arrived and decided to stay longer. Oh guess what…it happened to me and Anne too when we were there a month ago. So what is it that makes people in love with Pai ?

1. Pai is Always Falling in Love

The first impression Anne and I had as we arrived in Pai was this place loves love. Pai loves color, Pai loves to spread the good vibe to their visitors and that can be seen so well from a lot of coffee shops, resorts or farms that using a word like love. It’s cute but afterall, you know it means more than just a word as you start to fall in love with the little town. Coffee in Love and a strawberry farm Strawberry in Love are just two example of places that offer great coffee, fresh smoothies with spectacular view. You can sit for hours just admiring the beauty Pai has to offer and wish you had more days to stay

2. Night Market

Any night markets in Thailand might sound the same like others, but the one in Pai has a wide variety of food, souvenirs, handicrafts  and believe it or not they’re much cheaper. Start your dinner with a little main course and continue exploring the night market as you’ll find so many interesting food or desserts to try. I love to start mine with a bowl of khao soi - a typical dish of Northern Thailand that is similar to masaman curry or yellow curry, with ingredients such as egg noodles, pickled cabbage, chicken or beef, lemon and onion cooked with coconut milk, khao soi tastes very good but not so heavy that you can still leave a little room for mango sticky rice, smoothies, coconut ice cream even a nutella crepe is always a good idea for dessert while walking around the night market.

3. Pai Canyon

There are few activities to do while you’re visiting Pai. From renting a bicycle to getting spoiled at the hot springs, from cooking classes to visiting the Temple on The Hill, Mo Paeng waterfall and the Memorial Bridge. But there’s nothing quite like hiking the Pai Canyon. Located only 15 minutes by motorcycle from the heart of Pai, don’t forget to wear a proper shoes to hike as the canyon is a little slippery but after half an hour climbing, you’ll be surprised with the spectacular view around the canyon.
Memorial Bridge Pai

4.  Accomodation

Pai offers many kinds of accommodation for different price ranges. Starting from the famous backpackers hostel like Spicypai Backpackers well known for hand-made tree house style bunk bed, surrounded by great view of paddy field and mountains only $6 per person. If you’re looking for a nice resort with pool, Baan Krating Pai resort has not only a big pool with the river view, this boutique hotel also offer great Thai food, great ambiance with charming rooms perfect for relaxation starting from $30 per night.
Baan Krating Pai
Pool with greenery view
5.  Ambiance & Nature

What makes people keep coming back to Pai finally because of the ambiance and beautiful nature. After spending some days in the neighboring busy towns like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Pai is just the perfect place to be for few days ( or weeks ) getaway. Green sceneries, paddy fields, mountains and waterfalls with a very laid back atmosphere, cheap accommodations and food – you know you couldn’t ask for more but simply can’t help falling in love with Pai.

Travel video of Pai 3 days 2 nights

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel - Your Sleek and Stylish Home Away From Home

I believe when you travel, you’re looking for new places that you’d be proud to call your new home, maybe the local people treat you like a family, maybe you get to stay in a hotel that feels more like a home than your real home, or the city just happen to steal your heart so you feel like you belong there. Coming back to Ho Chi Minh City after 4 years, I had a privilege to experience the newly launched boutique hotel in town. For one lovely night I lived in a dream, I've finally found a sleek, stylish hideaway for a perfect escape at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel.

Located conveniently at 30/57 Nguyen Chuu Van which is not exactly on the main road but only 5 – 10 minutes away from the city center by taxi, this brand new boutique hotel is a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of Saigon. With a little Parisian vibe - the sleek and stylish design, combined with pastel colors, pretty tiles, modern character and fabulous service make I am Vietnam Boutique at their very young age stand out as one of the best boutique hotels in Vietnam. Ha Nguyen as the Director of I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel wanted to create a new home away from home for her guests from all over the world, with the fact that there’s not many boutique hotels in Vietnam, she saw this as a challenge and opportunity to make a different. The chic boutique hotel has 20 rooms, all big and spacey, with white acts as the dominant color, a little touch of pastel and of course we can’t skip how THE TILES here play such a bold and unique character...Together with her beautiful team, they love to share the inspiration through art, design, food and passion that you can catch easily here at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel. Here's another good news, in October they're going to launch the rooftop bar, with the best selection of food and drinks - this just going to add another reason to call I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel as your sleek and stylish home away from home.

Come have a look inside...
A little Parisian vibe at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel...your new favorite home away from home in Saigon

A sweet welcome message from the wonderful staff of I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel, Saigon
I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel knows how to spoil and inspire the travelers
It's all about pastel colors and pretty tiles at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Pretty tiles at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Fun weekend at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Welcome  I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Details at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Your new favorite home away from home in Saigon... I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel is all about sleek, stylish boutique hotel

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Summer Love : New York City

     Flashing back to last June where I was in New York City for a week to celebrate my birthday. It feels so unreal but extremely happy to explore the city and enjoy a little bit of my summer break.
    New York is so much to me, when I visited the city for the first time in 2014 I found the city is a constant source of inspirations, I can't help but loving the energy,  dreams, colors and thousand of opportunities New York could possibly offer. 
    When I'm visiting the big apple, I love to take my Canon G16 with me and exploring the streets. It never gets old to capture all the little details with one or two coffee breaks in between. Looking back those days when I went through some hard times and failed a lot - at the beginning I thought I wouldn't go anywhere but now I believe failures or rejections only lead you into a better thing, better place. We learn a lot, we fall and get up, to have such a positive attitude, love yourself first and put your happiness as your priority do help a lot to make all your dreams come true. Second visit in New York, I stayed with Broadway Hotel very closed from Central Park. I had so much fun did morning run around the park, took stroll along Soho, had a bite at Little Italy and Chinatown, walked around Broadway before the Lion King show started, stop for few seconds in front of the backstage doors just to admire and dream how it feels like to be a part of Broadway theater production, maybe dance and sing on the stage under the spotlights.  All I knew I booked my one way ticket to America, landed myself a job with Disney ... here's only the beginning of billion amazing things coming on my way