Sunday, May 28, 2017

Singapore Zoo

Always making the most of weekends at home... you can either find me dancing in my little studio, brunching at different cafes or just photo shooting around Singapore. While I'm so lucky to travel the world both for work and pleasure, I never thought being home become such a privilege lately. To take sometime off from routines, catch up on my other passions and projects, then come back to work always with fresh and bigger ideas... 

I just recently purchased Sony A6000 with E-mount lens SEL50F18. It's time to step up my photography game after almost 3 years using Canon G16. The camera and lens are amazing especially if you're a beginner and want to learn more about photography, I just love how my new lens helped me to capture great portraits. Still need to improve and practice a lot before heading to South Africa or Nepal, hopefully real soon. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bywater Street, Chelsea

House hunting in London 😜 Juuust kiddding, but of course I really don't mind to move here anytime anyday.  Bywater Street, Chelsea definitely has some of the prettiest houses. I could picture myself living in that pink house, invite my girls over for a little tea party, and wear summer dresses all year as if London has endless summer.  Ah just a girl living in a Barbie world. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Live Big

Back in Singapore after almost a month on 'tour' from China - London - Taiwan - Bali. Honestly I never thought I'd be living the life that I'm living today. Have a little apartment only 15 minutes from Changi Airport, a dream job at my dream company, a perfect health, surrounded by diversity, acceptance and wonderful people, I always have more than enough and ahh so much to be grateful for. Looking back I remember I was in Bali years ago when I wrote down things I really want to do. Working in entertainment industry and travel the world, checked. Be a part of one amazing dream team creating cool things that matter, checked. Performing on stage with beautiful costumes, checked. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world sometimes... Different opportunity pops up, I get to do what I love and it's just amazing to think about whatever you do, small or big things, maybe it's through music, article, photography... you never know who you are inspiring. 

I just recently back from Bali, after almost 4 years !! It's always good to be home, even just relaxing for a week in Canggu and Ubud with my best friend. While we all seem to leave our hearts in Bali, this place will always remind me of  a road trip my family did every year from Jakarta to Bali when I was a kid ( and that's how I learned more about diversity, wanting to travel, and introduce my culture to the world ), when I volunteered for Ubud Writers Festival and I told myself I wanted to return one day as a writer, when I left my comfort zone and starting over, when my choreographer asked me to perform with her, when people I met along the road taught me to appreciate little things and be grateful, to dream and live big. You are more than enough.