Sunday, January 8, 2017

New York, New York

Happy New Year everyone ! I know it's a little too late but I hope you had a wonderful 2016 and of course we all looking forward for better days, new chapters, new opportunities and so let the adventure begins. Last year was obviously one of the biggest years in my life, started with landed a dream job, found a new home, new family, 366 days of millions of music, dreams came true, progress, ups and downs, 15 new countries, so much more ( and my latest addiction to aerial silks and pole dance ). My life has been far more incredible than I could possibly deserve.

While so many great things happened last year, I'd say my short visit to Disney World then New York last November has been one of my highlights from 2016. It was like walking down memory lane...where 2 years ago I left Indonesia, stayed for a night in Singapore before I flew to New York and after 24 hours flight finally I made it to one place I've always wanted to visit. I only had less than 24 hours transit in New York before my next flight to Orlando but somehow it was enough. It was enough to explore a little bit of Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, East Village, ended up in Times Square...and standing in the middle of Times Square, looking up to the Minskoff theatre  was a perfect pinch-me moment. As someone who grew up with MTV, I'd force my family and friends to  record me pretending to be one of the VJs reading the request from the audience, though unfortunately gone are the days where you spend your late afternoon watching MTV TRL but the dreams were still there. I didn't get a job with MTV but then Disney opened the door for me, that was just how magical and fun life can be. You can't always get what you want, but sometimes most of the times you get what you need. 

The best part of my short visit this time was I get to work from my office just few blocks from Flatiron building ( yayy after all these years dreaming ), accidentally passed the first coffee shop I went on my first visit, that was super random since I didn't really remember where it was but that small cafe just bring back all the sweet memory, and of course get to see my Disney darling. It's almost two years since we left the Magic Kingdom but I'm so proud to see how all my girls have come so far after Disney. One of them got a job in Maldives, while one pursued her career in Bollywood, one found her way back to New York study theater, one is an amazing editor in Bangkok... Just bunch of incredible people I always look up to. And me ? Nothing changed, I guess. Still the same girl/life enthusiast who dance and sing to All That Jazz in the middle of Times Square, or listen to A Whole New World on repeat after I saw the show for the first time ( it was so good, even better than Lion King to be honest... oh if my life were a musical, oh wait it is ! ) I'm just so happy and beyond grateful, to be able doing things that I love. Learn and grow everyday with my dream team, surrounded by unbelievably wonderful people that always being supportive. With them, even life isn't always easy, but they're the biggest motivation I can always be a better person than I was yesterday. Life is a magical voyage. Really, I never thought a young girl who used to spend hours filming her demoreels for MTV, getting rejected from one casting to another, would find her way back only to experience what it's like to live and work in New York. From brunch with Zsa, coffee run, great conversation and dinner with my colleagues, productive days at work, ended the days watching Aladdin and Chicago. Yes, it was a perfect workations, indeed.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

It's a Small World

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears
It's a world of hope and a world of fears
There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

Merry Christmas everyone !

Wishing you all the timeless treasures of the season. The warmth of home, the love of family, and the company of good friends. To celebrate all the good things happened in 2016, let me share with you some of the happiest pictures I took from my recent trip to Disney World ! 

A trip down memory lane to the most magical place on earth last month meant a lot for me. It was more than just a vacation at Walt Disney World... Life has been giving me non-stop surprises and blessings, send me more kind people and remove the negative ones. With 2016 has been a year of discovery - a year of moving forward with new perspectives and new favorites. The very last thing I wanted to do before end of the year just coming back home to where it all started so I can give thanks to the place and people who gave me so much. 

Obviously it felt so good to be back in the Sunshine State. But what's even better ? Definitely reunited with my favorite cast members ! Ooh I remember, arrived in Orlando for the very first time in March 2014, I had no expectation at all how Disney would change my life. My managers and colleagues became my second support system. While our main job was creating magical moments - it was the people you met and worked with everyday who truly brought magic and colors into your life. The way they gave you hugs and unconditional love, they provided true home and inspire you with their beautiful souls and passions...that in the end of the day, no matter how exhausted you were from working all day - you still found yourself smiling and incredibly blessed for all the great opportunities you had.

Special thanks to my darlings Christian, Neung, my big sis Wayan and her family for showing me a good time. Last minute change of plans turned into great Thanksgiving ! Always love spontaneous trip with the Mellos to catch the sunrise at Cocoa Beach continue with breakfast at Tampa, picnic at Daytona Beach with my Indonesian community, reliving the good old days from one park to another, lunch and coffee date at Winter Park, Christmas shopping at Disney Springs continued with dinner at Chipotle and Earl of Sandwich, quick visit to my old apartment Chatham Square, dance like noone's watching in front of Magic Kingdom... Well, who needs a holiday itinerary anyway when it's so much fun to do simple things with beautiful people.

To all the wonderful cast-members I knew, thank you for being my lights. See you guys real soon !

Happy holidays all :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

A life worth celebrating

I'm coming home... tell the world i'm coming home...

Flashing back to my last day working at Disney World few years ago, I told myself Disney was just the beginning. There was no doubt at all the next episode will be even bigger and better. Of course it was hard to leave my little family back in Orlando and all the sweet routines ( like fireworks, festival of Lion King, Epcot food & wine, rollercoaster ride, etc.. ), I mean how the hell am I supposed to deal with the real world after a wonderful life in Disney World ? But princess has to grow up. Just like Rapunzel always wanted to leave her tower, well I wanted to grow too. I wanted to meet new people, see new places, create something cool, work with interesting people to make dreams come true, have a new home, dress up and catch train to work. Adult life. So it was just the right time for me to leave my comfort zone and start all over again. At the beginning many people asked me what's next, what am I gonna do after Disney ? Well obviously I had no idea, and I didn't feel like I need to prove or compete with anyone, all I knew I had this huge white canvas in front of me, with all space and time I ever needed to redesign my life again. It's ALWAYS exciting to start over.  Now that I could look back on the long journey I went through, my curiosity and love for life lead me from Orlando to more than 50 cities, across 3 continents, 22 countries, and ended up myself in Singapore. I couldn't be more proud of myself. And the best way to celebrate all victories ? Going home to the happiest place on earth...Disney World, where it all started. With Thanksgiving coming up soon ( well that's just a good excuse to eat Turkey ), I just want to be home with my favorite people, have a walk around Disney World,  revisit Winter Park, eat American food as much as I can, watch Wishes and the Festival of Lion King. Simply to remind myself again how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to live such an extraordinary life. 

Continue to fight for what's right, it is worth it.

If you can dream it, you can do it !