Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Porto Colom, Spain

Back in Porto Colom, Spain. Well not physically, but mentally yes. I've spent 2 wonderful months in Mallorca this summer, it was everything I saw in the movie or magazines where European people went on summer holidays and they went crazy after months dress up  in layers like an Eskimo. I could totally understand that. While for me, born and raised in a tropical country like Indonesia where we're lucky to have the sun almost all year, it seems we don't really appreciate the summer heat, oh well..grass is always greener. I only have been to few places in Europe but I can convince you Mallorca is one of the best summer destinations, period. A lot bigger than Ibiza, the island has so many hidden paradise to explore, whether you just want to party or relaxing ( or both ), getting off from the plane or ferry in Palma, you can take TIB buses from Placa De' Espanya to different towns. I loved Porto Cristo because it's pretty busy and touristy, they have Saturday market, with various of beach bars and restaurants and we were lucky to live in an apartment next to the famous Cuevas Del Drach and only short walking distance to the beach, town center, my favorite secret bay, possibly everything I ever dreamed about summer in Europe. We visited Cala Rajada too, I found this town was more energetic and dynamic, saw a lot of young people. Then we moved to Porto Colom, less crowded but it was perfect to relax, they have few restaurants, unfortunately not a beach bar but I didn't complain as we met bunch of nice people, the beach Cala Marcal was just 15 minutes away from home and taking an excursion to explore the sea cave, kayaking or diving with Skualo could always be nice option to do. Always love dancing on the beach while watching sunset, now scroll down for few photos I took in Porto Colom, also read  How I Afford Travel for 6 months non-stop. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pourquoi Paris ?

In Paris, I saw people fall in love, a lot of broken hearted too. Somehow I could smell the ambitions, many of them came here to chase their dreams and celebrated life. While unfortunately some had to lose the game tonight, hoping that tonight's the night the world's begin again - maybe tomorrow will be better. Some looked sad, others looked incredibly happy. And in the end it's impossible you can't feel Inspirations in the air ( honey, you're in Paris, duh ! ) Effortlessly chic and classy Parisian sweethearts definitely knew how to make an entrance and steal the whole show like no one else could do it better than them. From my chair, I could see Eiffel tower is standing tall, in a very elegant way, that it doesn't matter wherever you get to see her, she looks perfect as ever. I remember few years ago I could only watching this thru the screen-saver in my laptop or Youtube, to be honest I still found it hard to believe I'm here, but in this case I'm glad I made it really well so far. That night ( and the minute I am writing this post ) I would love to congratulate those who finally made their dreams come true, whatever your dreams are - after trying so many times, lost and fell down, thank you for never quit, for never giving up your dreams...simply because everything in life worth having is worth fighting for. 
Ooh literally I could spend hours daydreaming away to live in the city of love, wondering what's on people mind while having espresso and brioche in a cafe. Err, OK Gyscha, maybe I should stop trying so hard to sound romantic or cliche. But don't you agree with me, all the tourist would feel the same when they visit Paris. Well, pourquoi Paris ? Pourquoi pas ?

You know what I love best about traveling ? As much as I love meeting people and hate to say goodbye, but there's something beautiful about letting people go, obviously you never know when you will see them again, but your decision to travel the world - certainly will make it possible to across path with them again. This time, I couldn't be any happier to finally visit Paris, but what I'm truly excited for was actually get to reunite with some good friends of mine that once I met in Beijing and Malaysia. It's a small world afterall... 

I will always remember how I started my adventure in Paris. It was only the beginning of June, as Asian born and raised in a tropical country, I thought maybe summer has just started so the weather could be warm enough for me to wear t-shirt and shorts, but tadaaa I was wrong. Arrived in the city, I had to find my friend's apartment. I was a little scared since some people warned me how individual and unfriendly Parisian people are, especially if you don't speak any French. Well, I could try my best to find out how to get Max apartment. Never found myself as excited as a little girl lost in a chocolate factory, I had so much fun asking many people direction to my friend's apartment. Guess what ? Parisian people just as sweet, friendly, kind as other people I've ever met when I lost. Tho I talked to them in a very broken French, but they helped me and I loved that ( mostly I loved the way they speak French ). So finally I found Max, it was sooo good to see one of my favorite Parisian darling after 5 years, the adventure continued with exploring Paris on bicycle with my two boys for the whole day. I met Walid and Salim 3 years ago when I was visiting Beijing, we all happened to explore the city together, now life is just magical to get all of us together again in ( almost ) summer Paris. 
Why Paris ? What's the highlight ? There's no doubt at all the city is absolutely charming, but I would say my highlight was reuniting with my good friends. Nothing can beat exploring the museums, parks, cafes, little alleys with the perfect companion like my special tour guides. Catching up on so many things over ice cream in the park, playing tourists and to see they're enjoying life were just priceless. I did not take a lot of pictures on my first visit, sometimes you just have to put your camera down and having lots of laughs and quality times, besides I know I'm coming back soon Paris..